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  1. chino bandito

    200 xcw drive train noise on throttle opening

    I'm hoping it is chainslap but it does not match the descriptions I've read in other threads. Doesn't do it at all on accel or decel only on throttle opening and only one single knock not a rattle. I've owned another 300 a 250 and three 300's and none did this. The chain appears to be adjusted in spec. I'm going to dig into it and check the wheel bearings, swing arm bolts, sprocket bolts and anything else I can think of.
  2. I've searched for a thread on this subject but haven't found one so I'll start a new thread. I just bought a 2013 200 xcw with 45 hrs. When opening the throttle there is a sharp knock or clack sound. Only does it when in gear. Will do it on the stand with the wheel in the air while in gear with a visible lurch in the chain/drive train. Does not do it in neutral, when the clutch is in or when the drive train is under tension such as coasting down hill in gear with engine braking. When there is slack in the drive train it will do it with any degree of throttle opening. It's a very sharp knock. Does not appear to be an engine noise at all, it is in the drive train. Chain and sprockets look good. Chain tension is within the normal range. Thanks
  3. chino bandito

    What bike??

    I'm going to have her sit on a XR80 and XR100 as well as the ttrs. Then I'll put them on the ground and see if she can pick it up!
  4. chino bandito

    What bike??

    I's searching for info on what bike to get my daughter and found this thread so I will revive it rather than start new... She's 12 yrs, 75 lbs, 4'10", LONG legs, cross country runner and triathalete. She's been riding a XR70R for a while after starting on an OSET 16.0 a few years ago. She just rides on the dirt roads and a 1/2 mi. flowing ST I made on our property. She's a little timid about trying new things on the bike and is just building basic skills but is also very motivated. She wadded up the 70 at top speed the other day and got all bruised up but didn't get scared off from riding. The 70 is too small but she's comfortable on it. The next size up 4t would be what? I'm thinking they will be too heavy so I'm also considering a 65 or 85 2t but I worry about the power jump from the underpowered 70. From reading here it sounds like the 65 would be too small still but the jump to 85 really sounds scary and maybe not too good for trail riding anyway. I know you can detune and put FWW on them but might the 85 still be a hand full coming from a xr70? Also it sounds like a KX is more bulletproof than a ktm. She's not interested in MX racing just trail riding. If the small 4t weren't so damn heavy I'd just go that way. What about the xr80 though? So, what's your advice??? Thanks.
  5. chino bandito

    Thieves @ Charauleau Gap

    Time for a stakeout.
  6. chino bandito

    Horseshoe Reservoir Dam

    Unless somebody protests this kind of thing they will keep doing it.
  7. chino bandito

    Registration in arizona... possible heartbreak at hand

    If you don't have a title you might end up having to pay sales tax on the retail price too! Be careful.
  8. chino bandito

    Riding Prescott area this weekend 2-20 or 2-21

    What time are you riding in Cornville? Chris
  9. chino bandito

    Riding Prescott area this weekend 2-20 or 2-21

    Hey Jim, Not sure I can make it but give me a call. Chris
  10. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    Here goes the lazy guy giving training advice... BTW I don't consider bike riding "training" since it is fun. Riding bicycles is the best most body friendly endurance training but you actually have to ride somewhat hard. It seems like lots of people will just ride around but never really push hard enough to keep their heart rate up. Keep your pedal cadence between 75-100 rpm and on relatively flat ground try to average between 15-20 mph for 1-2 hours. If you aren't used to riding bikes try going with a lower average speed and less time but keep the cadence up. If you push too hard a gear at a slow cadence you will likely end up with knee issues. It is about spinning and keeping a fairly high constant aerobic output. My 65 pound 11 year old daughter can ride her 24" wheel mountain bike (on the road) 10-12 mph for an hour so the above recommendation isn't too ambitious. The "lazy guy" who started this thread (me) went to a race this weekend but just rode sweep. I ended up riding over 60 miles of desert single track and sand washes at what seemed like a good pace. The only things sore on me today are the muscles/tendons at the crease of my elbows. Both above and below. I think just from bad technique on the whoops. I had just had my suspension done and it messed up my riding position. I need to fine tune some things. While riding sweep I realized that I would have been riding so much harder/faster if I had been racing. The pace I was going seemed about as fast as I wanted to go so it is hard to believe that when racing I push so much harder that I will be physically trashed for a week.
  11. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    Sounds like you must have some bulk so, the first thing you will need to do to gain endurance is shed a bunch of muscle! The gym will never build real endurance. Lance Armstrong was much more muscular before he had cancer. After he lost all that muscle from getting chemo he rebuilt his body differently and it made all the difference. You rarely see pro endurance athletes (including MX riders) that have bulging muscles. You could probably just quit lifting and do nothing but endurance training and become an animal. I wish I could be as strong as you are though!
  12. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    I've never been much into these supplements but it seems like they have them figured out these days. I'm going to try some. Thanks
  13. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    Sounds like we are twin brothers.
  14. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    Doritos, Dr. Pepper, and a hot wife. I'm good.
  15. chino bandito

    Lazy guy needs "training" advice

    I can't really make any good excuses for not doing more. I just need to "shoot" or get off the pot. I used to be so active I didn't have to do anything "on purpose" to get in shape. Now I just don't have the time to do it that way. There is always something that needs to be done. For example, you might think this is funny, I had planned to ride today but I had to drive one of my llamas to the vet 1.5 hrs away. By the time I got out of there I was $300 lighter in the wallet and shot the day. That's after being up 'til 1 am this morning replacing the pressure tank for my well so we'd have water this morning. Had to split fire wood tonight by headlamp. I guess that was my workout for today. Should have gone XC skiing with my wife and kids. I guess this thread has run its course. I've been convinced that there is no magic lazy guy secret and I just need to "suck it up." Thanks to all. Chris