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  1. jmytyk

    how to tard a xr650r... step by step??

    www.supermotojunkie.com tons of info over there for the BRP- i have an in progress write up for fitting cast wheels onto it
  2. jmytyk

    CBR wheels on a XR650L?

    if you aren't in too big of a hurry- I'm doing a write up over on supermotojunkie putting CBR wheels on my 650r - the process is mostly the same, so of the measurements are different tho. i just found a guy to help me out with the machining, then after that it should be all downhill. i'm aiming for the end of the month to be done... i'm using '94 F2 front and rear, it seemed this was the easiest swap, i don't race, so no need for a 5" rear. i'm jonnym_xrr over there. kubiak is the man for doing this swap- he's been alot of help to me. his bikes are badass
  3. Hope 'bout this stuff... cheap too... 12in x 12in ~$3.50 www.mcmaster.com p/n = 9230T525 although, you might want to do long slots, instead of a big square becasue the wire diameter is very thin.
  4. jmytyk

    Any Idea if this is a xr650r or l?

    Thanks-- you guys rock...
  5. Hey people... is there any tell-tale signs as to what this is? is it a 650r of 650l, or in 2000 did they only make a 650?? w/o th r/l differences? http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/mcy/195703473.html Thanks