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  1. ManofSteel

    Sweet A$$ Windham PIC

    i'll have to learn that...hehehe
  2. ManofSteel

    Brrrappp First FMX Front Flip spotted

    wahahahaha.....you guys are crazy....that wasnt a front bike flip....thats a rider front flip run over by his bike....wahahahaha....
  3. ManofSteel

    Anaheim I torrent here

    thx too from the philippines....ooooooohhhhhhweeeeeee......
  4. ManofSteel

    Check it out guys!

    waaaaa.....my dream bike....and the owner is only 10 years younger than me...waaaaaa.....n m working my ass out to get that bike....i'll get old working to have that $7200 bike... hey maybe i can also do financing with your mom...hehe..waaaaa....
  5. ManofSteel

    New pics of the YZ. 06 250F.

    wow! the yellow yzf also rocks...
  6. ManofSteel

    13yr old stunt rider vid

    oh man....how old when he starts wheelin' that thing...that's some talent there...all the wheelie i cud get was only 12"...hehe
  7. ManofSteel

    Best Google Earth pic

    how bwt showing your favorite race/trail tracks....
  8. ManofSteel

    Put a KDX 200 engine into my '04 KX 125 chassis?

    hi there! i have always been a thumbper talk guest for a year now (philippines) and never had a chance to realy participate and register till recently.. here in our place we usually do these things its bwt common...swapping chasis and engines. i had my yamaha 1988 dt200r engine place on my 1991 kx125 chasis...the 200R engines are bulkier comparing to 125's...so what we did is basically overlap the chasis with a piece of metal were the tank sits and alligned it. it was a success ..the radiator we use is from the kx...i actually race that thing and trailed it for some time now..the idea came up so that i could use the racing suspension on my trail bike engine for dual purpose ... have sold the kx125engine and dt200r chasis..
  9. ManofSteel

    Pics of your green smokers

    i wish i had the same bike...hehe