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  1. i'll have to learn that...hehehe
  2. guys are crazy....that wasnt a front bike flip....thats a rider front flip run over by his bike....wahahahaha....
  3. thx too from the philippines....ooooooohhhhhhweeeeeee......
  4. dream bike....and the owner is only 10 years younger than me...waaaaaa.....n m working my ass out to get that bike....i'll get old working to have that $7200 bike... hey maybe i can also do financing with your mom...hehe..waaaaa....
  5. wow! the yellow yzf also rocks...
  6. oh old when he starts wheelin' that thing...that's some talent there...all the wheelie i cud get was only 12"...hehe
  7. how bwt showing your favorite race/trail tracks....
  8. hi there! i have always been a thumbper talk guest for a year now (philippines) and never had a chance to realy participate and register till recently.. here in our place we usually do these things its bwt common...swapping chasis and engines. i had my yamaha 1988 dt200r engine place on my 1991 kx125 chasis...the 200R engines are bulkier comparing to 125' what we did is basically overlap the chasis with a piece of metal were the tank sits and alligned it. it was a success ..the radiator we use is from the kx...i actually race that thing and trailed it for some time now..the idea came up so that i could use the racing suspension on my trail bike engine for dual purpose ... have sold the kx125engine and dt200r chasis..
  9. i wish i had the same bike...hehe