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  1. Northumbrian

    The List

    Heres away, Dirt only 65, Villiers DOT, (Trials) 78, Honda XR 250 78, Honda Tl 125 (Trials) 79, Maico 400 MX, 81, Maico 490 Enduro, 82, Yamaha IT465, 89, Husky CR 500 MX, Marriage 01, Beta 250 (Trials) 04, Gas Gas 300 pro (trials) 04, CCM 404 Enduro (Drz 400e motor) (Still owned) Street / Dirt 75, Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 68, Tiger cub, 76, XR 125 78, Yam DT250, 81, Honda CX500, 88, Honda CB350, Marriage...... 03, Cagiva Gran Canyon, 98, Yam Thunderace, 99, Triumph Tiger 885i (still owned) 02, DRZe, 03, CCM R30 .(Still owned)
  2. Northumbrian

    Starting technique with FCR carb? More woes.

    glad i could help, dont ride a DRZ myself, but a UK built CCM which uses the DRZ motor with the FCR carb as standard. ( went thru same probs as you when i first got it..)
  3. Northumbrian

    Carb issue sorted big thanks

    Glad to see your sorted, nice feeling when it comes good eh ?
  4. Northumbrian

    Starting technique with FCR carb? More woes.

    Like we say, try this first, Ithink it will do the trick, keep it simple
  5. Northumbrian

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    not sure if this is gonna work,(getting a pic to show) If it has, Then let me introduce DrZ`s cousin..... Australian spec motor,pumper carb, additional cooling fans, Scorpion Race exhaust, White power Suspension, Brembo brakes, Air box removed, K&N filter. and a few other bits n pieces. Oh by the way great site, lots of helpfull Drz stuff, keep up the good work folks.
  6. Northumbrian

    Starting technique with FCR carb? More woes.

    Crystal, try this, Petrol on, Choke out, 2 or 3 twists of the throttle to about 3/4 of its distance, This allows the Carb to "pump" fuel straight into the inlet tract.
  7. Northumbrian

    Any Dirty Super Motards there?

    http://www.ccmsupermoto.co.uk/gallery2/v/Northumbrian/404+002.jpg.html Sorry just washed it..... Its still lookin a bit "used"
  8. Northumbrian

    DRZ400s tire size

    I`m, onto my 2nd set of Distanzias on my Supermoto, luv em, reasonable wear rates and super sticky.
  9. Northumbrian

    CCM 404 Video

    My son put this together, me and my CCM.
  10. Northumbrian

    Vetemati alive?

    Tamme, I believe they are still in business, My freind was the UK contact, but he sadly died just before Christmas. All his stock was transfered to SB&R Racing in Reading, Berkshire. Mike Hodges is the guy to contact, have his tel No, but no E mail info. ( 01491 682699 ) worth trying him in future for bits, Hope this helps.
  11. Northumbrian

    strange noise.

    Had a similar concern when accelerating in higher gears, only happened when the engine was under load. Seems a few peeps have had similar problem on this site, I took some advice and cured it. Check the front final drive sprocket is tight, suggest loctite as well as the locking tab washer. Make sure Chain has correct adjustment. Did mine yesterday, problem sorted.
  12. Northumbrian

    Like the DRZ, luv this.

    just 2 put a few things straight, CCM were bought back about 1 year ago by the original owners, they have been producing bikes for approx 8 months since the take over. Yes, build quality was shite on early models, some design problems like u mentioned, however I do believe they have listened to comments and I believe the quality is as good as anything from Europe. The test quoted was 5 years old, the bike must have been a dog not to handle, (as they really do) Brakes no good, strange, Brembo`s are usually top notch and the Suzi engines are one off the smoothest singles going. Spares availability, no problem at all, yes there are some crappy dealers out there, there are also some very good ones, plus The things are built in the UK couldn't be easier to get bits. The lad waiting for yokes, get real, WP USD are as common as muck, no excuses here, very much the same for other parts really, Acerbis plastics, Brembo brakes, WP suspension, suzuki motor. all bits available even if you ignore the CCM dealers. Please don't think I`m some "blinkered" CCM sad-do, I ain't, I just like something different, and preferably not Orange, At the end of the day "you pays your money and takes your choice"
  13. Northumbrian

    Like the DRZ, luv this.

    http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c83/Northumbrian/Bikes/CCMR30.jpg OOps, sent wrong link, that should do it.
  14. Northumbrian

    Like the DRZ, luv this.

    Very interesting, u have a point with the 404 cost, not sure about the suspension comments as the WP kit is mega adjustable, but, u have the ideal comparison owning both, & I guess your type of riding is more enjoyable on the DRZ. For those who aint seen a R30 heres a pic. http://i25.photobucket.com The R30 is harder coz its set up for the tarmac this goes for the full package.Would not like to throw the DR650 around the twisties like u can with the CCM R30 as u would end up in the under growth The DR650 is a good bike in its own right, but i dont think it can b compared with the CCM as they are so different. Pete, U got sheres in Suzuki Mo Co or what
  15. Northumbrian

    Like the DRZ, luv this.

    Yeh, the CCM is approx £800 more, ( depends on % discounts available)