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  1. add another $50 to ship to hawaii
  2. check here http://www.hrra.net/ its $50 the first time and $75 after that. there are a couple of motard guys that run pretty consistantly, on Drzs of course. ill probably head out there if all my parts get here by then. later
  3. we should hit up track day at HRP on jan 29
  4. some guys put 170's on without rubbin
  5. hmmm....i need more cushy for my tushy. thanks guys
  6. check this http://www.supermotojunkie.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=9467&stc=1 you gotta make a mid pipe bracket for it to go on a 400sm lots of guys just run without it, but i wouldnt
  7. Is the factory Suzuki gel seat worth buying?
  8. $188.99 here https://www.oneidasuzuki.com/store/customer/home.php?cat=370
  9. i went with the: edelbrock carb hot cams in and out yosh trs e base gasket 3x3 with twin air still debating which big bore
  10. nice find thanks I bet burned's bike would be a whole lot quicker with that 470 monster
  11. I run my 1000, but never thought to run the DRZ. Maybe after i finish all the mods
  12. Just wondering if anyone took their DRZ to the 1/4 mile?
  13. good question...im doing the same
  14. pro tapers Reed/Henry model rider preference