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  1. BajaThmpr

    I love my new ford

    Is that the new crew cab with 6.5' bed?
  2. BajaThmpr

    high desert city confiscated ktm

    - Which law enforcement agency confiscated your bike? - Were you issued a citation or arrested (for example trespassing) and given a court date? - What section of law (Vehicle code, county or city ordinance, etc.) was the bike stored/impounded/confiscated under? Even a person arrested for driving on a suspended license or DUI can get their vehicle back after 30 days.
  3. BajaThmpr

    Anyone up for a group ride at Rowher next month?

    Rowher is off the 14 on the way to Palmdale from LA? I'll second the 22nd...
  4. BajaThmpr

    I5 TT mx day poll!!

    How challenging is the track for a "track newbie"? I've never ridden on a track, just open desert or mountain terrain.
  5. BajaThmpr

    Edelbrock pumper idle speed instability

    I was experiencing the same issue with the idle and the pump shot was off a bit. I did a thorough cleaning and readjsuted my throttle cables to smooth everything out. Might want to check the piston that operates the pump shot. My piston bent slightly causing the slide not to shut completely back to the idle setting.
  6. BajaThmpr

    Who'll be out at Stoddard/SlashX the 26th?

    I've a got a four day weekend, so we will most defintely be riding a couple of those days. As the 26th gets closer will have a better idea of when/where.
  7. BajaThmpr

    Tires - So Cal Desert

    I would suggest the Maxxis IT, front and rear. Chapparal has them on sale for $85 for front and rear. The Dunlop D773 is also a good front tire for SoCal high desert.
  8. BajaThmpr

    Any poker rides scheduled?

    Morongo Basin Search and Rescue Desert Run
  9. BajaThmpr

    Any poker rides scheduled?

    Barstow Poker Run This is a fun event Sat Oct 29 and Sun Oct 30. The staging area / start line is behind the Slash X Saloon off 247.
  10. BajaThmpr

    need used xr4 engine parts

    I've got a stock cam with stock rockers that I recently removed from my 1997 XR400. They are in good condition. I added a stage 2 Hot Cam and installed new stock rockers. I can get some pics if you are interested. PM me and we can work soemthing out.
  11. BajaThmpr

    Barstow Poker Run

    This is a great event. I first rode April 2004 and have looked forward to it each time. I'll be out there Saturday with the girlfriend and other riding buddies. Looks like the weather should be nice to top things off.
  12. BajaThmpr

    Big Gun header bent

    I just mounted the Big Gun Evo X on my girlfriend's CRF230. Ihad not mounting issues. Used RVT silcone gasket sealer where the head pipe meets the mid pipe/exhaust. The bike now has awesome throttle response, starts easier, more punch when turning on the throttle, and has more of a big bike sound (not much louder than stock though). The pipe with gray exhaust can and red end cap looks real nice!! My only problem was attempting to mount the quiet core hat comes with the complete system. It sticks out about 1". I called Big Gun and was told there are longer screws included and the core is designed to stick out. I don't like that, so I left it out since it doesn't sound too loud.
  13. I have that tank for my XR400 when doing long rides in Baja and such. The added weight takes getting used to and makes the bike not so friendly on tight trails. On open roads it is very conmfortable, not much different than an IMS in width. The Acerbis requires different mounting brackets that stock. I could not find anyone that any in stock about a month ago when I got the tank. My friend made a set for me that work great. The brackets had to be about 1/2" longer.
  14. BajaThmpr

    Thinking about a new cam

    rannoch, I too have a 426 kit, 11:1 CR. I just installed a stage 2 Hot Cams. I left the valves and springs alone, but did replace the rocker arms so they can wear in fresh with the cam lobes. I have had not problem since this modification in about 120 miles riding. Also, I do not have the decomp lever/cable installed on my bike. It kicks over just fine. The increase is awesome. I had to tweak on my WB e-series and the pumper carb a bit, but I have it dialed just right now. Any gear, anywhere within the powerband I can loft the front wheel over any obstacle.
  15. BajaThmpr

    XR400 IMS tank for sale on eBay

    brokenbronco, Doesn't look like the tank will fit what you're looking for. However, since we are "neighbors" we should set up a day to go ride. We usually ride anything along the 15 from Baldy Mesa, El Mirage, up to Barstow and Stoddard Wells area.