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  1. yes i know but you must wait france there is seeds ( i didnt make this's other guy ) it's the first time.....
  2. and now... second heat of MX1 and MX2 here :
  3. it is the first time ....... goo DL !! lol ( it is first heat of MX1 and MX2 )
  4. can anybody put the full game on PEER TO PEER please....because in FRANCE ; the game release in march .........thank
  5. french forum.........
  6. argffff....... TRAVIS need support ??? i dont think .and in france this DVD cost 50$ with transport !!! too much for me but i see that you dont anderstand help me if you want and can and PEACE !!!!!!!!! bye.......+++++
  7. hi all !! i am french and i want to know if TRAVIS III is on Peer to Peer because i dont find them ..... help me please !! éhhéhéhé