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  1. Huffa 2

    Post pics of your CR's

    98 250 That was one of those " wish I never sold it "
  2. Huffa 2

    Post pics of your CR's

    87 Cr 125 EVERYTHING rebuilt Wonder what it's worth, I never rode it yet All stock but I just could not resist the DG set up.
  3. Huffa 2

    Post pics of your CR's

    My 01 CR80 Expert I'm 55, simply got it to fool around on at a few tracks, I just love this bike, keeps my reflexes razor sharp. Suspended for my weight (168), Easton bars, FMF pipe, 428 chain kit,taller seat, graphics made myself, copied from originals I like it in both color configurations but am and always was a white plastic freak
  4. Huffa 2

    87 CR 125 throttle tube ?

    I need a new one, no 87 OEM or aftermarket is available, all aftermarket starts with 89 for CR 125's. I checked part numbers just to make sure, 87/88 same, then changed in 89. Any idea if a whole assembly (used one) from a 89 or newer would work, I know it would fit on bars ok but not sure about cable length (actual steel cable that shows) and the end of it, if it's the same or not...In other words if it's adapatable to my 87 cable OR maybe a 89 assembly WITH cable...as long as it's adaptable to the carb then. Know any good vintage websites ? They may/should know a lot more then us here on TT about these old models. Never mind, a few are available yet in the country, through hotline a parts place did a search, 2 dealers have them yet. Might as well leave this up here in case someone else looking for one.
  5. Huffa 2

    87 CR 125 front chain roller

    Thanks, stock CS is a 13.
  6. Huffa 2

    new project

    I seen it over and over....a blown top end translates to it needing all new linkage bearings, wheel bearings, bottom end, fork seals, rear shock never has been serviced, chain/sprockets etc,etc.... Not always the case but for 350 I would think for sure more then a top end it needs. Hopefully I am wrong though and you scarf up a great deal!
  7. I started restoring this bike a few years ago, finally am finishing it up and have a few rollers and can't recall which is the correct one to use, I need to know what size diameter is the front top roller? Also, what is the stock counter shaft sprocket size ? Here is the whole restore job in case anyone is interested, quite a projecto ... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=637347
  8. Huffa 2

    xl600r help!!!!!!

    I have a white brothers ST on mine (see garage), they really are not irritating at all!
  9. Huffa 2

    Show your PIG

    Been a loooong time that I have been on here, well here is mine (94 model/10,000 miles)...
  10. They are nice, stylish too! Thanks! A bit pricey but then all OEM's are 56001 SKU: 56001-0092 MIRROR-ASSY,LH 1 $33.29 56001A SKU: 56001-0093 MIRROR-ASSY,RH 1 $33.29
  11. Thanks, I will take ALL recommendations before making a decision.
  12. Where did you get yours from ? I see a lot are on ebay but there seems to be different kinds ? http://compare.ebay.com/like/130492566983?ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=222152072817&crlp=1_263602_304662&UA=WVI8&GUID=79401ff712e0a47a2f16f8b6fd64f759&itemid=130492566983&ff4=263602_304662 Ahhh, think these are the ones ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Aprilia-Tuono-125-1000-MIRRORS-Pair_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35603QQitemZ170593963770 I'll search on line at a store though, don't think you get much of a discount on ebay .
  13. Are they the Tuono mirrors ? ..... http://www.stromtrooper.com/dl-1000-specific/41392-my-latest-mods.html They don't look as high as the stock Honda ones but are definitly more stylish, your elbows/shoulders don't block veiw much?...what about when you have a heavier jacket on ? On this bike which would be simular set up on 650, it just looks like your elbows/shoulders WOULD block veiw, no ?
  14. Hi Guys, hope all your 650's are running well!!! It's been quite a while that i have been on here and am in the search for decent mirrors, I think i am going to go with stock, which I never had on mine but one ? though .... The built in damper, where is it on the mirrors, I looked at the scematic of them and don't really see any rubber, just metal, is it actually inside the mirror? The best price I found was 28.17 a piece, well one site was 75 cents cheaper but I always deal with a certain one, they have all my info so might as well stick with them, IF ANYONE knows of them significantly cheaper please let me know. ..........or I would settle for a USED PAIR if anyone has some they want to sell ??