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  1. Hi Jus some of the things Im aware of :- Cam lobes (smoother power) Cam chain tensioner (stronger) water hoses better heat dissipation Front forks (smoother mid stroke) Swinging arm (better traction) Hot start on the bars Lower engine brk (stronger) Silencer lower db (over here not sure for u guys ) If i Remember... the thickness of the barrel wall is thicker And of course the big-end bearings over early 450's But hell what a bike 05 rmz, I love it.I'm like a wet rag on it most of the time but it makes me grin
  2. Just a thought . The o6 models have had a small reed valve removed from inside the motor. If the bike has been lent over maybe to wash, the oil will take several minutes to return to its normal level.why they removed it I don't know (its on the 05 model).I dont think this is ur problem but its food 4 thought.
  3. I hope Suzuki sort that out for you,best of luck.
  4. Hi guys The problem has been with the big end bearing, but they changed the shape of the bearing needles. Bikes after June 05 should have the new style of bearing. This problem only seemed to occur with bikes that have been raced hard in sand/heavy conditions where high revs have been needed. I have just bought an o5 having always rode honda. I like it with only 2hrs on I cant wait for some decent weather to try a track day have fun ppl