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  1. Hi, Does anyone happen to know if anothter Brands front brake lever will fit the 03 TM 125 MX.. I'm thinking maybe one from a Honda CR?? Thanks, Joe
  2. KTM477

    ktm 144

    Yes it does... sold my 250 SXF for a 144 this season.. I'm now learning how to ride all over again.. The bike can be a beast...
  3. KTM477

    Possible TM purchase....(Help)

    Hi All, I currently ride a KTM 144SX but have come across what to me seems like a good deal... Since I know nothing about TM's other than seeing pictures of them I thought I would ask here. I can purchase a new just uncrated 03 TM 125 MX... The seller would be willing to sell it for 2500.... Is this a good deal on a NEW 03? I have no idea what MSRP was new or If I would even be able to find parts when needed on this bike... Seller is very motivated to unload this bike.. Any insight into this bike you can provide would help me decide whether or not I should pass on this bike.. It would be a 2nd bike as I love my KTM... Thanks, Joe
  4. KTM477

    07 vs 08 144SX

    Well, Rode it for the first time last weekend... Wow!! It feels allot quicker and more powerful than both my 06 adn 07 250SXF... Only complaint so far is after one ride and wash the Excell decals on my rear rims are no more In all my years of riding bikes never had this happen... Still a little worried about the bike blowing up.. My delear insists this isn't a problem any longer and informed me that the shop did the recall before I picked up the bike.. Has anyone had their bike blow up recently
  5. KTM477

    07 vs 08 144SX

    Well... I went with the 07.. and actually got a better deal than expected.. $4,700.00 OTD I sure hope I'm not making a mistake leaving my SXF for the little 2-stoke.. Thanks,
  6. KTM477

    07 vs 08 144SX

    Thanks for the comments... I think I'll go with the 07 as my dealer claims no major improvements between the two models. Hey JT where did you purchase your 144 from? So, is 4900 a good deal? I thought the price could be a little better since the 09's will be out end of summer... Thanks, Joe D.
  7. KTM477

    07 vs 08 144SX

    Thanks.. I can get the 07 for $4,900 OTD... So you think saving about $500 over the 08 model would be the way to go?
  8. KTM477

    07 vs 08 144SX

    Well I've decided to sell my 07 250 SXF and come back to my roots.. 2-strokes... My question is I can get a left over 07 144 for a great deal or an 08 for a decent deal.. Is there a huge diff between the two that would make the 08 the bike to get? Thanks, Joe D.
  9. Ok... would I be crazy if I thought I could get $3,500.00 for it?
  10. Hi, Just trying to get an idea of what my bike is worth. I have an 06 with close to 20hrs on it (perfect condition). Thanks, Joe D.
  11. Hi, I just purchased an 06 Pitster and got a chance to ride it for the first time. It's great!, but I do have one concern- is anyone else experiencing problems with the bike jumping out of neutral and into gear? If you put the bike in neutral (that's if you can even find it) and give it some gas, it jumps into gear every time. Please let me know.. Thanks, Joe
  12. KTM477

    250f in the northeast?

    Derry Cycles in Derry NH has a couple in stock.. Joe