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    Using the front brakes

    Thanks to all that replied. I can't wait for the weather to break here in Michigan so I can't start my practice. My goal this year is to be able to keep up with my superfast friends and improving my technique, thanks for the advise:
  2. jbarnet

    Using the front brakes

    Hey I'm realitively new at off road, been riding street bikes for years and you are tought that the use of the front brake on a street bike is key to gain the full use of the stopping power of a street bike. Seems my street habits don't bide me too well in the dirt. I either have no feel or am using very bad technique when using my frong brake on my CRF 250X. I usually will fall or wash out when I touch my front brake. Some friends told me to act like I don't have a front brake on a dirt bike, but I see from all the magazines that most riders appear to use the front brake quite a bit. I will take any advice I can get to help me ride faster and use the capabilities of the bike better. HELP
  3. What a great write up on the valve job! I love wrenching and this write up just adds to my confidence and it was very well organized. You should write for Honda.