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  1. I just did the 16 tooth install. I got the sprocket from Sprocket Specialties out of Oroville. The price on their website is old, as the price is just over $20.00. I also got the 39 tooth rear, but didn't install it yet. I LOVE the new gearing. It works well with my Yoshi full titanium system and dynojet jet kit. Maybe now I can keep up with my pals on their KTM's and their Aprillia's. The install took about 45 minutes. Only a little grinding on the case saver and a little notching on the rubber grommet for gear clearance. Now 75 is just cruising instead of screaming. CHEERS!
  2. That sucked! Back to the drawing board for you!
  3. It was nice to see none of the people around the fighting jumped in to stop it. If was a dude and chick sexing each other, someone would have jumped in or called someone. That must have been Springerville, just another day! CHEERS!
  4. That was nice! CHEERS!