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  1. peppito

    350 stalls when hot

    If it´s already changed it should´t be that. My old plug showed the rights OHM. But i only checked it cold.
  2. peppito

    350 stalls when hot

    I hade the same problems with my 350. I´ll changed injector, tps, changed mapping, tried a new tank and so on I also ohm the plug cap and it was ok. But i changed the cap after several hours of fault searching. Now it´s runs like a clockwork! So try to change the cap!!
  3. peppito

    350 sxf problems

    Idon´t know its there was a recall on it. I´ll got a blue one. But i noticed some difference after the spark plug change. at least i thought so
  4. Hi I have some problems with my 350 sxf -11. It started out with some lowed bogging and backfire with full throttle. I thought it was the TPS that was broken. Replaced the TPS and reset the to the voltage it should have. But the problems still occurred. I have changed the Mahle in tank filter to a new one. Cleaned the filter on the pump inlet. Today i got my injector cleaned with ultrasonic. Also fitted a Splitstream tank filter. The i started the bike and took it for a test drive. Still cuts out on idle, but starts right after again. It also misfires on high revs. Then i thought it´s maybe the spark plug. So i went to buy a new one. Time for test-drive again. Now it the bikes runs good on high rpms and i thought i solved the problem. But when i got to my garage, the bike stalls on idle!!! I got the idle skew as far it can go! Anybody got some suggestion what to do now? Can it still be the injector? I´m gonna switch all the fuel pipes in the tank to new ones. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I trying to sort out some problems on my bike. I have cleaned the injector and that seems fine for the moment. But i think my TPS sensor fails. I know the voltage on idle should be 0,601 +-0,004 When i look a the voltage with my multimeter, it´s says 0,601 for a little while then starts to move between 0,608 - 0,591v, and the bike cuts out on fast throttle movement. Like when the Tps is out of range. What do you guys think?
  6. peppito

    Decomp arm question 2011

    Thank you! I think the little pin is gone.... Because the arm is retracting to the vent cover.. Hmm...
  7. peppito

    Decomp arm question 2011

    I´m helping a friend to change piston in his Crf 250 -11. I wonder of the Decomp arm should be loose on the camshaft? You put the arm in, and then the spring? i have set the spring so it is retracting the arm. Thanks
  8. peppito

    Finally I bought a 350!

    I don´t want ride with the original shrouds, i´ll order some random graphics kit for now. I´m thought to order a pair of "fake" red bull decals from ebay. From this seller: http://stores.ebay.com.au/CHParts-Limited/Adesivi-E-Grafiche-/_i.html?_fsub=237692014&_sid=538077664&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322&clk_rvr_id=273948237792 Is the "Edition" -11 bikes only for Europe? How about the -12:s?
  9. peppito

    Finally I bought a 350!

    Yes i got the other shrouds also, but haven´t got them yet. They is still at dealers place. Think i´ll get them on Monday
  10. Got it yesterday, a Cairoli edition with 20 hours on it. Hope i like it
  11. peppito

    Magura Hydralic clutch!

    Thanks for the answer!
  12. peppito

    Magura Hydralic clutch!

    Does anyone know if a magura clutch from a crf 450-08 will fit a crf 450 -09. Have anybody tried? if you look at the Exploded View, it seems like it´s the same. But of course the 2009-2011 doesn´t use the hot start lever.
  13. peppito

    Kibblewhite installation help.

    Yes i mean the spring seat in the bottom.. I took it out and now the springs will fit like a glove..
  14. Hi i got a new kibblewhite ss intake valve kit with springs. But the new bottom retainers doesn´t fit over the old base shim. Do you guys understand what i mean Should i try to remove the old base shim? It´s a crf 250 -07. Thanks from sweden!
  15. peppito

    RMZ450 pictures

    Here´s my bike! Leo Vince X3 full with Low-boy header, Boysen quickshot, works connection skidplate and engineplate. --------------------------------------------------------------- Check out www.dasscharks.se for further information of the coolest MX-team in sweden. TEAM LEPARD