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  1. thanks for the input back. sorry that first sentence was so messy and wrongly worded. i didnt have much time to search this site but i didnt find much anywhere else. i never considered the length of the 650 motor. i have come to the conclusion im just going to do the cr500 motor for a start. the project im doing isnt ur typical cr500af. thanks again anyhow.
  2. for any of the xr 650 guys, the L's or R's... how much bike in size do you think ur motor is than a cr500. i was wondering if anyone has seen or experienced putting a xr650 in the cr500 frame (cr 650af....)? do you think it can be done. i no the cr500 only required little cutting. my concern would be the head on the 650 infering with the frame. i need some feed back. thank you for your help and opinions.
  3. a bigger bike is just more work in tight woods, infact a bigger bike is just more work just about anywhere u go, trust me ur 250f will do anything a 250 2 smoke or a 450 will do, an when it comes to tight woods it is easier to ride, less weight (less fatiuge) less torqu (less fatigue) a like less power (lower hospital bill)
  4. if ur a beginner, or just no good at it its not fun, if u are good enough, ur flying through that stuff, and ur in gears higher then 1st, some sections are down in first, it is a thrill ridng through that stuff, up and down steep rocky or muddy hills (the change of conditions and the cousre terrain, and trust me there is plenty of places to past, u just have to find one instentaniously and go for it. its opposite for alot of woods riders on a track, like KLXD said whats so fun about riding on one track, its just a different veiw, lucky for me i like both but woods are better (the faster u go in the woods the funner it gets)
  5. the 4 stroke motor slows the rotation once u let off the throttle, if u jump and let off to early the nose dives, or if your just jumpng far and ur off the throttle the nose sinks, this is no big deal, its something u learn to live with and with time u wouldnt even notice it, but its worth a meantion... in other words the 4 strokes throttles are really sensitive and have stronger decompression, the two strokes rpms dont drop rapidly(like the 4) after letting off the throttle
  6. B&B yamaha in lancaster, pa has a blue 250f