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  1. Sword_of_the_Spirit

    Does Anyone Use Honda HP4M oil?

    Yes, you do not want to run Honda oil or any other oil that contains Moly. You'll find Moly in oils that state "Energy Conserving" on back-side of quart. It is ok to run in engines where the oil is separated from the tranny/clutch. Otherwise, keep it away.
  2. Sword_of_the_Spirit

    What is the biggest waste of money you can put on a bike?

    The I-CAT ignition splicer. Big waste!!!!!!
  3. Sword_of_the_Spirit

    will premix work for a 4 stroke?

    We have a "top-secret" R&D guy in the area! Seriously, the idea of having the "oil laid down along the walls of header," is a little far-fetched. You already have carbon laid down along the walls without the premix. In addition, the "snappy" response is due to the ingenious design of the two-stroke: a bang for every revolution. Hence, your snappy response. And surely this is not because the throttle slide is lubed up!!! (get some cable lube if that's the case).
  4. Sword_of_the_Spirit

    will premix work for a 4 stroke?

    I have been running a 100/1 ratio in my mod Honda 300ex. It runs really well. I did it because I wanted to "ensure" the o-rings in carb would be "swelled" up properly since I overhauled the carb. For many years, I've heard of racers using premix in their four-strokes for lubing the bottem end of the intake and exhaust valves (would also help imho for winterizing). However, remember that by adding oil to the fuel, your are going to run it leaner than if it were straight gas. I surely would go no further than a 75/1 ratio due to the jetting issue. P.S. Thought I was the only one that new about this. Have not heard a "mini" discussion on this subject for quite some time.
  5. Sword_of_the_Spirit

    Honda Honda 300ex high-comp piston or cam?

    I was wondering if there is any particular order in which high-comp piston or cam should be installed to get the best gains? The stock piston is at an 8.9:1 ratio. This seems a little low. However, I do not know that much about the stock cam and if it would be sufficient for a 11.1:1 upgrade piston. I know the 300ex is small and the valves are supposedly small for a four-stroke of its size, so an exhaust system has helped cover this weak point somewhat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.