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  1. kickflip87

    2000 Honda XR200 problem...

    hey guys whats up. Anyways I purchased a 2000 honda xr200 in december of 2005. It's in mint shape and a just got a big gun exhaust system for it and I replaced the #110 main jet to a #115, but I've been having a problem ever since I got the bike. The throttle response isn't right away, I give it full throttle, the engine roars but im not getting full power out of the bike, it almost seems that the throttle is a bit engaged at all times. My friend says there should be a 3/4 inch give on the throttle before it reacts but mine has no give at all, its pretty tight. so he says that might be the problem. I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas that could help me. Thx guys
  2. Hey guys, I just bought a big gun exhaust complete system for my 2000 Honda XR 200 and I heard something needs to be done with the jetting. I don't know if thats true but if anyone could give me any info on that, it would be much appreciated.
  3. kickflip87

    CRF150 and XR200...exhausts the same?

    hey how's it goin. I recently bought a big gun exhaust system for my 2000 Honda XR 200 and it works awsome. It has an awsome sound and you can tell the difference in power, you should look into it.
  4. kickflip87

    85 XR80, no spark

    hey if it's been sitting that long and has no spark, try cleaning up the magneto. Another possibility is that the there is no spark going through your spark plug cable, it might be fault and no longer working because its so old.