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  1. Grkmotox85

    Revloc or Rekluse?

    I am looking into purchasing an automatic clutch for my 06 yz250f and i here alot of good things about both revloc and rekluse. Can anyone give me the magical words to turn my head one way or another?
  2. Grkmotox85

    white bros or fmf ???06 yz 250f

    I run the FMF 4.1 T with Megabomb header and i would choose anything else. It has great over rev with alot of mid and improved low. Thats my two cents hope it helps your decision.
  3. Grkmotox85

    Enzo or Race tech for my 06 Yz250f

    Great, thanks for the advice
  4. I need to get my suspension revalved for my Yami 250f. I have been doing alot of research on companies and there work and i have narrowed it down to Enzo and Race tech. Enzo specializes with Kayaba but i don't see nearly as many people with enzo then i do race tech and race tech. I need to know who you would recommend to do my suspension. Thanks
  5. Grkmotox85

    Good Suspension Company?

  6. Grkmotox85

    Powerbomb vs. Megabomb

    Megabomb! great over rev and low to mid end.
  7. Grkmotox85

    Good Suspension Company?

    Great thanks.
  8. Grkmotox85

    Good Suspension Company?

    I was looking into Factory Connection but they are a factory company and specialize more in showa.
  9. Grkmotox85

    Good Suspension Company?

    I narrowed (sp?) down to Race tech Enzo and MB1 because they are smaller companies that will pay attention to average riders like me and not put me aside since im not Professional.
  10. Grkmotox85

    Good Suspension Company?

    I just got dones completely braking in my new 06 250f and now i need to get my suspension revalved and sprung. I know there are alot of companies out there but i have been focusing most of my attention to Race Tech, Factory Connection, and Enzo. It would be great if you could give me your oppinions on companies that you have done buisness with or or positive feedback from. Thanks GRK
  11. I got the 20W-40 other then the 10W-30 i think it is and i was just wondering if it is still ok to use?
  12. Grkmotox85

    whats the best price for a 06 Yz250F

    5200 otd is what we paid and that seems pretty reasonable.
  13. Grkmotox85


    Dr.d i think is the cheapest and best for its price
  14. Grkmotox85


    Im going to send my 06 250f to ENZO in the next month or so. They specialize with Kayaba suspension so that is a plus.
  15. I originally ordered the fmf titanium 4.1 with megabomb but it is backorderd for up to 1 month, and i am not willing to wait that long. I need a back up plan and since i had my mind set on the fmf setup on didn't really look into any others. I have heard good things about white bros Pro series, Procircuit but i still do not have an idea of what exhaust i want. Can your guys help me out by giving me your oppinion on some good systems out there? Thanks, GRK