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    Ramona Says Hi, come visit

    We stopped in and visited with Ramona just a couple days after your post. Plenty of ice cold drinks, gasolina and smiles for everyone! She said that she recently turned 80 and, although she may have turned over the gas siphoning duties, she's still out there and loves visitors. Like Coco's, it's an olbligatory stop to spend a little time with a timeless Baja character.
  2. Just to clarify, we were actually down there for 10 days, including one rest/maintenance day in Mulege (which was our turn around point). So we averaged just under 200 miles for the 9 days of riding. That kind of mileage is manageable and allows time for the usual flat repairs, breaks, surprises, etc. Early starts each morning help - though with our posse's night time festivities we failed miserably on that account! It's best not to have a firm itinerary since plans can change due to a multitude of factors. One oil change with some quality synthetic oil, fresh air filter skins every few days and general inspections each day was about it for maintenance. Piece o' cake. We bounced from coast to coast a bit and visited the usual spots and towns down there - San Felipe, Bay of L.A., San Francisquito, Coco's, San Ignacio, Mulege, Catavina, Mike's, etc. - and plenty of isolated missions, cactus gardens, desolate mountains, empty beaches and out of the way stretches, too. Baja is truly a dirt bike paradise, and the hospitality and friendliness of the locals is great. You just need to be sure to be respectful as a visitor. An all-510 Baja preride sounds fun ...not sure I can pull off another trip down there in May, though. Next time surely won't come soon enough!
  3. No, you read right, Johnny. We had several days over 200 miles with several getting us in after dark - all in the spirit of adventure. Lots of looking for new routes, and a few wrong turns even with GPS. And actually there were 2 of us with virtually new 510's and both ran flawlessly. Now they get a thorough going through! I see that you (and others) get down there often. Lucky you to live so close! Maybe we'll see each other down there sometime. Thanks, too, to MikeKay. I put a lot of faith in his positive reviews of the 510 and experiences in Baja.
  4. Obviously, range can vary dramatically based on conditions and riding style. But I got as few as 75 and as many as 120 (!) miles on a topped off 3.5 gal. tank. We carried some extra jugs of fuel on longer stretches and just poured them in after burning some off. The 16T sprocket looks sooo tight going on but it worked just fine and gives you triple digit capability if you're willing to let the motor rev all the way out. It does bring up 1st gear but unless you do a LOT of super tight trails it should not be a problem. I did not even have to change the length of my chain and it takes just a few minutes to install. I had initially bemoaned the lack of a wide ratio gearbox but have since decided that the close ratio is the cat's pajamas. You do indeed always have the "perfect" gear (or two). I ran without heat shields on the header or in front of the can but did burn my pants a bit. So shields and/or tape wrap is recommended. So get that bike of yours ready. You're gonna love it.
  5. After a few light break in miles and an oil change my 510 was given a true break in in Baja. We rode all over, from the tightest first gear rocky singletrack, to miles of deep sandy whoops to 6th gear WFO blasting on the beach. The bike absolutely ripped. I didn't want to trade for any of my buddies Japanese bikes for a second. I honestly can't describe how much fun it was. Based on my experience at least, any of you worried about durability or performance can rest easy. Other than a taller (16) CS sprocket, some bars/barkbusters, tires and an IMS tank the bike (an '05) is completely stock. Even on mystery gas from Mexican ranchos it was a missile. Have fun out there!
  6. fiveten

    Who has run a 16 gear on 510 te

    I JUST swapped out the stock 14T CS sprocket with a new 16T yesterday. It is indeed a tight fit and I had those same concerns. I am pleased to hear that Mike has thousands of trouble free miles with that setup. The taller gearing certainly transforms the bike for open terrain or street use.
  7. fiveten

    TE510 - '05 vs. '06

    Thanks, Bob. The .it website is a little better. And I will definitely be talking with Halls. Their site actually does have some info on exactly what's different for the '06's. Check it out - some of the translations are hilarious... "Electrical connection: new fried egg set for better light in front [ Enduro of models ] " Uhhh...I'm not sure if that's good or bad!?!!
  8. fiveten

    TE510 - '05 vs. '06

    Husqvarna seems to have done a great job improving their bikes a little bit each year. Their 4-strokes seem better than ever and I am considering a new TE510. However I would like to know exactly what has changed on the '06. The info on Husqvarna's website isn't really comprehensive and I haven't been able to dig up complete specs. I know the '06 comes with all the street legal parts, larger forks and...? Is the tank/seat unchanged? (Will the larger IMS tanks still fit, for example?) ...etc, etc. Any definitive info would be much appreciated. Grazie!