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  1. Manzs

    Why I HATE my DRZ...

    Any good dirt is 40 miles from me, the other night I found myself riding up these sets of staircases leading to the entrance level of a local closed resturant. Was actually catching Air at the top, then would continue on to the exit steps. They hang you here for stupid stunts like that, but the DRZ gets me posessed. It was a first and only time, and after coming to my senses, I was certainly glad none of the local PD boys weren't driving by at the time. "Always have an escape route" lol. Manzs, 06 DRZ400S "Like New"
  2. Manzs

    Question about hole in moter?

    Probably cross threaded the bolt while tightening, then figured it would be easier to just plug the hole with JB, as appossed to using JB to seal the bolt back in forever. It will be eaiser to drill and tap the hole now with out having to worry about a JB welded bolt to remove in addition. Probably a quicf fix for him at the time. Manzs
  3. Manzs

    is the drz 400 a good bike

    Yeah, what those guys siad, plus carefully concider the seat height issue, as the DRZ's are up threre, but if you can deal with a little tipping while stopped idle, the bike will definitely prove itself worthy after you spend time on it and master its Pros. Manzs
  4. Manzs

    Broke the key inside the handle bar lock mechanism

    I did it also, I unlocked the handle bars but forgot to remove the key, I then turned the forks hard right to clean my front wheel, and bent the key in the lock. It snapped when I tried to remove it, but luckily I got out the broken peice with a tweasers. I now carry a extra steering lock key, because it would really suck getting stuck somewhere with the wheel locked and a broken key. (I carry tweasers as well now) Glad you got the key out. Manzs.
  5. Manzs

    new drz400S owner!

    Welcome aboard, You problems sound familuar, and although I havent experienced them personally on my 06 S, I'm sure you can visit the archives available on this site and find good advise and solutions to handle your sticky trottle an nuetral finding problem. This is not to say a member or two won't immediately reply with some solutions, because I'm sure they will, but the archives here pretty much cover anything you could wish to know. Give it a try, and good luck with the 02. Your friend has Good taste. Manzs.
  6. Manzs

    Hello everyone! Just got my first DR-Z!

    What does the person you traded with have to say about the malfunctioning display screen. Maybe he can be of help on this.
  7. Manzs

    It was a long year...

    Can we know what exactly "Melt Down" means. or is it something better off not being brought back up? Sounds interseting??? Manzs
  8. Manzs

    Dumb Question

    And yes I know this thread was about the seat strap, but was just responding to the mentioning of the fender being cut off as well.
  9. Manzs

    Dumb Question

    Just chiming in here, That back low ass fender on the "S" has driven me crazy since I bought my bike, I was reluctant to hack it off only because the bike was brand new and I just couldnt do it. Finally cut it off yesterday, and couldn't be happier, that thing makes the bike appear to sit lower than it actually does, not to mention the ***** Bike look. Good riddens to it, and nothing personal about the "***** bike factor", I kept fender on for a year before hacking it off. I just moved and remounted the reflector to the lower portion of my license plate, so no harm there either. Manzs
  10. Manzs

    Got pulled....Again!!

    An officer can issue a ticket on hearsay, but it's very rarely done unless perhaps after an accident scene investigation with witnesses present, and distinguishing tire marks matching the vehicle in question, along with other evidence of that nature, but in this case, how could it possibly stand up in Court. Even if the complaint shows up to testify, its your word against there's, and the chances of the district attorney summonning a complaintant to court for a case like this, are pretty much "Null" As far as pointing out an "alleged" discrepency in Law to an officer that has just given you a pretty nice break, I wouldn't advise making a habit of it, after all, you could have easily been looking at a Reckless driven summons, and thats no joke to the insurance people. I won't lie, I love doing wheelies on my 06 DRZS, and have probably just been lucky that the local cops havent caught me in the act, but when and if they do, you can bet I do all the ass kissing necessary to keep it respectful, it's just easier that way. I'm happy that you were given the "Walk", consider yourself Lucky. Be careful out there, Manzs.
  11. Manzs

    Stage 1 windscreen.

    Very nice, now how well does it work? Is the wind directed over your chest area? I ride in some cold weather, and would love one of those, and seeing now how you did it, I think I'll give it a try. Hey, I'll bet some 1/8 or 1/4 " molding around the edges of the plexi glass would make it look all the more professional (Chrome or black) I highlighted my fenders and bottom of my gastank with the chrome molding, and it brings out the lines in the bike, it also adds strenght helping to avoid front fender flex at Hwy speeds. You can get it at any auto parts store (Door egde molding trim) It bends to just about any curve, and already has the adhesive in it. Just a thought, anyway, Great job, Manzs (06 DRZs Blue)
  12. Manzs

    DRZ Stolen

    I cant believe you still had it in you to ride that day, I would have been freaking out, I'll bet the bastards that took it probably already knew you had the bike and were just waiting for the opportunity, (I mean, how many people drive down a dead end circle unless they know someone, or live there themselves???) I also run with just liability, and my 06 DRZs always sits in my Garage, which is connected to to the house. If I do any local stops in town, the bike is always in my view from where ever i'm standing. It wouldnt take much for a couple of guys to just pick the thing up and throw it in a truck, even with the steering lockled, its the one down fall of ownig a light bike. Hey, really sorry for your loss (yeah, it is like losing a loved one) and you never know, maybe someone in your area will run there mouths and you'll get your chance to give these scum there "Just Deserves" Good Luck, Manzs.
  13. Manzs

    A little fun on the DRZ! (videos)

    OOOP'S, My bad, I realized there had to be more footage after reading further, which I guess I should have done in the first place, Thanks for setting me straight, Manzs.
  14. Manzs

    A little fun on the DRZ! (videos)

    SK4, I guess what you guys are refering to as traffic is just the fact he's moving along in a development, not that I dont agree with being safe, but I'm sure the backward wheelie guy was sure there werent cars coming, because I sure didnt see any, and the actual stunt was done in his or a friends driveway. What I really want to know is what that poor guy with half the face ran into, thats some terrible stuff right there. Manzs.
  15. Manzs

    Seat cover. first post

    Where did you get the picture from, that may help. Those graphics and seat are some of the best i've seen. Anyone with any clues please feel free to jump in here, I want that set up. Manzs