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  1. ve3rqm

    TE310 from an XR400

    I had a 2003 xr400r with the suspension redone and the carb re jetted with a full fmf pipe. I was very cautious about switching from the xr but I am glad I did. The 2011 TE310 just loves to be ridden hard. The xr was about 70 lbs heavier and had much less power. I had the power up mods done on the 310 and I have not looked back. I do lots of single track woods riding in Ontario Canada. I love it. It is a rocket through the trails and I can now ride about 3 extra hours each time compared to the xr. The xr was a great bike but I am much faster and more confident with the new 310
  2. ve3rqm

    2002 XR400 Quietest exhaust?

    Hello I have an original exhaust for a 2003 xr400r with the only modification is the inside of the head pipe ground the excess weld off and the three small holes in the baffle for the gordon mods. It is a quiet pipe. I do not have the bike anymore I can ship united states post office mail. I live in Ontario Canada buy I am in port huron quite often. I will be going there next week sometime. The zip code for shipping will be 48060 to calculate the cost. Make me a reasonable offer and I will sell it to you. It is just sitting in my garage. Switched to a Husky 2011 TE310 I do miss the xr but I like the new bike as well. Thanks Rick
  3. Have a new 2011 Husky Te310 Like the bike tires that came on it were 140/90/18 rear 80/80/21 front Metzler Karoos Thinking to go to 110/100/18 rear and 100/80/21 front full knobby dot tire. any suggestions on tire sizes thanks
  4. ve3rqm

    BLue Plate xr400r 2003

    Anyone up here in Ontario Canada looking for a streetable licensed xr400 Mint condition xr400r blue plated Acerbis hand guards , uni air filter, jetting done , new chain & sprockets , complete FMF performance exhaust , cr style rear fender Full suspension done by Pro Tec suspension Of london Selling certified easy to maintain Great looking and riding bike $3950 or reasonable offer
  5. ve3rqm

    DOT ONLY Tire 90 Dirt 10 Street XR4 BEST?

    I just put a terraflex 110/100/18 dot legal tire on the back of my xr400 I have 1/2 season of riding and you can't even notice the wear on it. I do most of my riding in soft to mid terrain with some road riding. I would reccomend this tire. it is also a run flat tire. Have fun mounting it. The place that mounted my tire punctured 3 tubes until they had success. It has a very stiff wall.
  6. ve3rqm

    complete list

    Can anyone who has done this conversion please comment and give some tips as well as confirming the list. does anyone have the photo of the hole that needs to be drilled and tapped for the case to mount the starter. thanks for the help
  7. ve3rqm

    CRF230F Motor Mods

    You may want to change your gearing on the rear sproket. http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/SprocketOptimizer2.aspx here is a calculator for checking out different combos I had too high rpm in 2nd gear and was just screaming the bike and not enough rpm to ride well in 3rd gear. I added 4 teeth to the rear sproket. Keep in mind this will lower the top speed of the bike and increase each gears rpm to do the same speed. but for woods riding it was a great improvement. there are other gear and sproket calculators that factor in rpm just do a google search.
  8. ve3rqm

    complete list

    ok so here is the list i have so far , can anyone add to the list 400ex crankshaft ( will the balancer come as part of the crankshaft ) ? lh complete case from 400ex starter from 400ex stator from 400ex wire harness from 400ex starter soleniod battery voltage regulator or rectifier can anyone add to give advise thanks
  9. ve3rqm

    complete list

    any one ?
  10. ve3rqm

    complete list

    Can anone please post a complete list of all parts required to convert 2003 xr400 to e-start using parts from a 400ex engine. Just for the joe racer fans... I talked to him today and he said he has discontinued the crank adapter and no longer offers it for sale. I would like to know a list of all parts required from a 400ex engine. thanks
  11. ve3rqm


    For the members that have installed a electric start on their xr400's has anyone installed the reverse gear option or is this even possible to install from the trx400. I only know of a few people that have gone the route of using the trx crank instead of the joe racer adapter. I know this will not be possible for the adapter method. Thanks
  12. ve3rqm

    rear fender question

    I know it has been asked here before but I am looking for more detail. What are the ppart numbers for a mx type rear fender 2003 xr400r for the following manufactures Acerbis Poliosport ufo plastics next question, does the oem tail lamp bolt to the mx rear fender. thanks
  13. ve3rqm

    No spark 94 Honda XR250L

    I ran into this on my 400r and it turned out to be the resistor and the spring inside the spark plug boot. this can be disassembled by a slot screwdriver into the open end of the boot. take care to not the order of assembly and be cautious not to loose the spring. you may find there is enough corrosion on these parts to inhibit the spark. it will be a chalky green or rust colour. please let us all know what you find.
  14. ve3rqm

    400ex to 400xr

    Can anyone who has done a 400ex to 400xr change over to add e-start please give step by step procedure of parts to change and some overview of the mechanical procedure to do this job. This is not using the joe racer parts. I have called that guy at least 7 or 8 times and can get no where whith him. I do think his cstomer service is poor in my opinion. so I have chose to go with the 400ex parts. I am going to buy one off the used market. thanks
  15. ve3rqm

    Street legal 230?

    try this site http://www.sicassracing.com/main.htm here is the before view