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  1. I took this beast for the first ride yesterday at southwick! It’s an ‘05 I picked up this past winter. It had super low hours so I kept the motor stock and threw on an fmf fatty and power core 2. I also got a jd jet kit. For fuel I mixed up some straight 93 pump gas with castor 927 at 40:1. There was a lot of pinging when I rode yesterday so I’m thinking I need more than just pump gas, perhaps some straight c12 or vp110 or even one of those mixed with pump. What do you all suggest I run for best results?
  2. Custom made by 139 designs.
  3. Put some new wheels and tires on. Just waiting on a new chain and some decent weather!
  4. Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t think the gnarly comes in the raw finish. This is the factory fatty which I think is FMF’s only raw finish pipe.
  5. I got a new pipe and silencer! FMF factory fatty and FMF powercore 2 silencer.
  6. I would definitely use some lube. And when you get to the last part of the bead, make sure you push down on the opposite side of the bead. In other words, if the side you’re working on is 12 o clock, push down the 6 o clock side.
  7. He’s a loser. Even if what he’s saying is true, it’s all hearsay. He doesn’t have any evidence to support what he’s saying.
  8. I have a spare wheel from my old 2013 crf450 and I was wondering if the rear wheel from that bike will fit my '05 cr250? It's actually a tusk complete wheel with a sand tire on it. It's my southwick setup lol.
  9. Just put some fresh graphics and plastics on the bike! I've now had the suspension rebuilt and resprung for my weight, cleaned/re-jetted the carb, replaced the vent lines, greased everything and torqued everything. Mechanically, the bike is mint! I won't be cleared to ride until early spring (acl surgery). That gives me the rest of the winter to continue this build. At this point I just want to make a few more cosmetic improvements. Next will most likely be sending the stock hubs out to get laced to some black rims. Otherwise, the bike is ready to rip! Too bad my body isn't lol.
  10. It's easy enough to grease everything. Just be careful that when you start digging into the bearings you don't accidentally dislodge the needles and make them go everywhere. Also, don't spray any degreaser in them unless you plan on completely taking them apart and cleaning them needle by needle. Any residual degreaser that doesn't evaporate will degrade the new grease you put in there. Use good quality grease too, not the cheapo black stuff. Bel ray waterproof grease is my go to. If you the find that the bearings are too far gone and have play in them, you're better off replacing them. Finally, make sure you torque everything to spec when you're reassembling. Good luck!
  11. I have an '05 cr250 and I was wondering which exhaust is better for strictly moto, the fmf factory fatty or the pro circuit works pipe?
  12. Thanks! It's gonna be a while until I can test the suspension out because I had ACL surgery 9 weeks ago. I just picked up an '05 cr250 that I'm going to build up over the winter. The bike does have low hours and is super clean. It was sitting in storage for a quite a while I guess. For the suspension, I had the forks and shock completely rebuilt and went up 1 spring rate on the shock. The tech recommended keeping the stock springs in the fork because it made more sense to just add 15cc of fork oil rather than going up 1 spring rate. As I said, the bike is very clean but since I can't even ride right now, I'm in the process of tearing the bike down, greasing everything and doing a thorough cleaning of the entire bike. I'm also replacing some of the plastics so that they're all red and I'm waiting on some custom graphics. Next will be some black wheels!
  13. Got my cr250 suspension rebuilt and resprung!
  14. I know this is an older post but I love those graphics! Where'd you get them? Also, I have an '05 cr250. Will the '14 front fender and number plate bolt right up or do they need to be drilled?