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  1. fineblackline

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    2018 CRF450R before After
  2. fineblackline

    Back wheel isn’t fitting...HELP

    Depends on what rim you go with but in most cases yes, you’re correct.
  3. fineblackline

    Back wheel isn’t fitting...HELP

    With the wheel off, I pushed hard on the caliper to shift it over a bit. It’s supposed to move side to side a bit but I guess it moved a little too far right. I paid about $525 to have Dubya lace up DID dirt stars to my stock hubs. They did new spokes and nipples too.
  4. fineblackline

    Back wheel isn’t fitting...HELP

    Problem is solved guys thanks to the help of Dklassen. The wheel now fits. There’s some drag on the rotor from the pads though so the wheel doesn’t spin as freely as it should. I need to sort that out next. Maybe the caliper pin needs grease?
  5. fineblackline

    Back wheel isn’t fitting...HELP

    I have an ‘18 CRF450R and I just recently sent the stock hubs to Dubya to have them laced up to black DID dirt star rims. I just got them back today and they look great. I put the rotors and sprocket on, put the stock spacers back in the wheel and I spent what felt like an hour trying to get the back wheel installed with no luck. There’s just enough clearance for the wheel spacers to get between the swing arm and caliper bracket but I can’t get the caliper bracket to slide down into the position it’s supposed to be in. Without the inside brake pad installed, I can get the wheel to fit and slide the axle in but obviously that’s not correct. I’m banging my damn head against the wall because I have no idea what’s going on with this. It makes no sense. This is how the wheel wants to sit. When I tilt it to get the rotor between the pads, the wheel won’t fit. *FYI I tried installing a spare wheel I have that I know typically fits and I had the same problem. WTF [emoji35]
  6. fineblackline

    Large gap under seat?

    One thing I will say is that with these acerbis plastics they didn’t line up as well as the stock ones. They seem to be sitting lower in that seat area which is only making the gap even more noticeable.
  7. fineblackline

    Large gap under seat?

    On mine I'm pretty sure it is. I bend the seat a little while installing it to "scoop" the 3 hooks in. I don't feel any play really, the seat feels tight but it definitely seems like it should be lower. Bottom line, the seat feels secure but just doesn't look/sit right.
  8. fineblackline

    Large gap under seat?

    Still waiting to get the wheels back from Dubya.
  9. fineblackline

    Large gap under seat?

    I have an ‘18 CRF450R and I’ve been having a problem with fitting the seat on properly. There seems to be a larger than normal gap between the seat and shrouds/airbox. Even when I bought the bike new i thought the gap was big. I’m pretty positive I’m getting all the hooks pushed in where they belong so I’m confused as to why this is happening. I just did new plastics (yes teal!) and seat cover and now the gap is even larger than before. Any advice?
  10. fineblackline


    Black wheels always. They make every bike look better.
  11. fineblackline

    Front fender hitting pipe...and I can’t figure out why.

    Do you do it when the pipe is hot?
  12. fineblackline

    Front fender hitting pipe...and I can’t figure out why.

    There’s a lot of wear from the heat of the exhaust melting some of the fender making it fall apart more easily. The small dents aren’t from crashes. They’re just from rocks as the track I typically race at is rocky.
  13. I have a 2005 cr250 and while racing last night I slid out in a flat corner, laying the bike on its left side. It was a minor crash, I just low-sided basically. There were only a couple laps left and after I finished the race I noticed my front fender was hitting the top of the pipe. That wasn’t an issue prior to the race and now after completely removing the pipe, silencer, inspecting them and reinstalling them it still hits. Aside from some small scrapes on the pipe, I don’t see any noticeable signs of bending. I also loosened up the entire front end thinking possibly something was tweaked there but nope. I can’t figure out what’s causing the fender to rub at this point. If the pipe was bent, wouldn’t it be really obvious? It’s an fmf factory fatty that only has about 2 hours on it.
  14. fineblackline

    Best fuel for cr250?

    I took this beast for the first ride yesterday at southwick! It’s an ‘05 I picked up this past winter. It had super low hours so I kept the motor stock and threw on an fmf fatty and power core 2. I also got a jd jet kit. For fuel I mixed up some straight 93 pump gas with castor 927 at 40:1. There was a lot of pinging when I rode yesterday so I’m thinking I need more than just pump gas, perhaps some straight c12 or vp110 or even one of those mixed with pump. What do you all suggest I run for best results?