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    Best OTD price on 08 250F

    Hey I was wondering if anyon could give me some input on the chapest place to get a new 08 KX 250F? My last 5 bikes have been hondas, so my usual dealers aren't really an option. I have seen a couple of people post prices in the $5500 range. I live in VA but usually drive to get bikes. Last time a couple of us got together and bought 6 hondas from Binghampton Honda in NY state. Volume always helps.
  2. Hey, Going up to hartford CT, for 4 days and was wondering if anyone had sugeestions of some good MX tracks to ride, I am hoping to race southwick on sat. , but would like to ride a practice track one day too. Thanks Chris
  3. Last night I took apart the forks on my 05'450F. this is the first time they have been apart since the bike was new( about 6 hrs ride time) I intended to change the factory oil and springs. upon reassembly one of the rebound damping cartridges had no pressure, the inner tube had leaked through the damping rod so that there was no rebound on that fork. Can the damping rod/cartridge be rebuilt? Is it possible that this was a factory defect?
  4. I heard that lean jetting is the cause of a hot header pipe. My 05 crf450R's header pipe gets red hot sitting on the stand when I start it up cold. The red goes all the way to the first bolt on the heat shield sometimes. As soon as I get going it goes away. The bike runs great when it has warmed up for a few min. but that hot pipe is scary!!! Anyone shed some light on the subject?