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  1. Thanks thats what I was thinking but with aftermarket pipe and jetting messed up just wanted to make sure.
  2. Hey not a Honda owner need help on a buddy's 2000 XR650R. At what position is choke on or off. Black plastic choke lever has a arrow on it point towards front of bike. Is it on when pushed all the wat forward @ abount 9 olclock or when pushed back resting about 6 oclock. Sorry I know its a lame question he bought used and didn't give me a repair manual. Just trying to sort out some jetting issues. Thanks for your help
  3. Either going to jawbone or dove springs sat. Will need to hook up w/ riding partner or group, just the wife and me going. Will be in silver Tundra w/ Aljo TT in tow.
  4. Sorry I missed the ride, sounds like you guys had a good ride. I got my bike figured out around noon. Loaded it up made the wife go with me to a local ohv trail only 20 mile loop. But still time on the bike though. I'll have to try and meet up with you guys next time.
  5. Might be a no show. I haven't been able to ride for a month, went to check over bike and it won't start. Still checking a few things out. It won't even kick start?
  6. Hey guys I never rode with any of you, but do you mind a outsider? My neighbor left me high and dry on our ride plans. Will be coming from Santa Barbara Silver Tundra WR450 in back. Is Edison in the main entrance we always enter back entrance south on I5
  7. I paid $6000 OTD 12/01/05 local dealer wouldn't budge on price ,drove 100 miles to get better price.
  8. me again email is forgot my own work email. I work @ an optometrist office we also can get Oakley mx goggles
  9. Oakley Gascan, Email me @ my work email and I can Email you back price and shipping info
  10. Man I have been on TT for a while I just never felt the need to post. But when this guy showed a picture of his dirty shop I felt is was my duty to recommend some early spring cleaning.
  11. Some of these dealerships hire some real tools. My Yamaha,Honda dealer didn't know the difference between a WR throttle stop and a YZ throttle stop. They couldn't under stand why I wanted to order the YZ one for my WR. I couldn't believe there lack of knowledge.
  12. eat off the parts ? You can't even clean your shop, how are you going to clean your bikes,trucks or cars. Do some early spring cleaning and repost.