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  1. acgarcia

    right crank seal direction?

    orange color goes outside
  2. acgarcia

    gutless '02cr250

    i would pick up a compresion tester at you local Auto store and check the compression on the bike. It would be wise to redo the top end on any used 2 stroker. If you have a little more cash then go ahead and replace the bottom (crank and bearing). you can find your compression specs in a service manual. Good luck, Anson 05 CRF450R (mine) 03 CR250R (hers) 04 KX100 (daughters) 04 Yamadog Blaster (play toy) 05 Yamadog Raptor 50 (sons)
  3. acgarcia

    How Many Central Texas Folks Here

    South West Houston here
  4. acgarcia

    E Start Removal

    I had the same weight concerns with my 05 WR450. I ride motocross tracks with my daughter, but we also enjoy trail riding so I opted for the WR. I have removed the AIS and removed the battery which has saved me about 7-8 pounds. The only thing I can't do is use the E-Start, which doesn't bother me at all. Even the lights still work with the battery removed. I definitely felt the difference with the battery out. Hope this helps.