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  1. orange color goes outside
  2. i would pick up a compresion tester at you local Auto store and check the compression on the bike. It would be wise to redo the top end on any used 2 stroker. If you have a little more cash then go ahead and replace the bottom (crank and bearing). you can find your compression specs in a service manual. Good luck, Anson 05 CRF450R (mine) 03 CR250R (hers) 04 KX100 (daughters) 04 Yamadog Blaster (play toy) 05 Yamadog Raptor 50 (sons)
  3. South West Houston here
  4. I had the same weight concerns with my 05 WR450. I ride motocross tracks with my daughter, but we also enjoy trail riding so I opted for the WR. I have removed the AIS and removed the battery which has saved me about 7-8 pounds. The only thing I can't do is use the E-Start, which doesn't bother me at all. Even the lights still work with the battery removed. I definitely felt the difference with the battery out. Hope this helps.