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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I plan to build the motor tonight.
  2. I just found a ( stamped on the bottom of the cylinder. My old cylinder has an(A) stamped in it. So now I am pretty confident my new one is a (.
  3. I just bought a new cyclinder the box is marked part# 12120-ksr-A00 as a ( cylinder. But my new cylinder has an (A) in the casting on the side. I have both A&B pistons. Can I use either one? The new cylinder also has BL9 stamped on the bottom surface that mates with the case. Doe anyone know how the factory marks the cylinder? The motor cycle shop says I can use either piston and thinks that the new cyclinder is an (A) in a ( box:banghead:
  4. Kinda funny how that works out. I posted some things that were very true about a payed advertiser. Next thing I know my post are getting deleted. It makes sense to me now PM loses there payed BS advertiser and they no longer get there $. They have to protect the BS that goes on. Just my 2 cents. Oh no, they are here now too! LOL
  5. I just found a new 05 yz 250, is there much differance compared to to 06-07's. Thank's for any reply's.
  6. I found a new 05 yz 250, I was hoping to find out if there is a lot of changes from the 05's compared to now 06-07's. Thanks in advance for any reply's.
  7. Thank's, I wasn't sure what was going on with 200 buck's for a flywheel weight. Shoot KTM's were even less then RM's. Thank's for the reply's.
  8. What makes the rm flywheel weights cost more then the other brand bikes? For most bikes they are about 100 bucks a rm it more like 200 bucks.
  9. Thank's for the repy, I have two friends that bought the r/c model. They think that there are motor, suspension, and other trick mods to the r/c model.
  10. Is there difference between the two?
  11. She's back up and running thanks for the replies!
  12. 3 weeks ago I went to ride to my kids soccer practice and I ran out of gas. I put some gas in the other day and she wouldn't start. So now after check the carb and spark plug, I find out my needle/seat o-ring is leaking.(the o-ring around the seat). I fix that, and still it would fire up but not run. OK, now I'm thinking I better just check my valves (I haven't done in a while). So, I go to drain the oil and . Man, to many variables! So yeah, kinda a bad day. Any feed back about what the next step is? I was going to put some new oil and run it for a little bit and then change it again.
  13. Brand x is good out of the box. Try and get parts for the %^cking things. If this guy Chad is the go to man, he sure has some bad customer service. He wouldn't return any phone calls. Stay way from Brand x unless your going to keep it stock. It's been over 2 weeks and still can't find gaskets for the POS 107 brandxmini. And yes, I know it's like a SDG.
  14. That's exactly what I did, took all the stuff off the rear to get to the carb to find that the needle and seat had a bunch of gooey stuff in it causing it to stick open. Thanks for all the in put from you guys!!
  15. So far I found the rubber gasket in the petcock to be bad it had a chunk missing it was just floating in the petcock. I'm going to check the needle and seat now. Man this carb is tough to get to!!!!