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  1. First off vibration will not have any effect on the reliability of a powercommander which is the only difference that well be seen between a dirtbike and sportbike. We had PC3s on atv for quite a few years and not had any problems. Of course if there is physical damage to the unit there no telling what might happen. It is a electrical component and like all electronics they can fail. The return rate is far less then 1% on Power commanders. I have seen quite few Power commanders in my day and if you have any questions you can email me. mshefler@dynojet.com
  2. When tuned properly a motor will make a little more power running E85. The downside to running E85 is that you will get quite lower mpg. Stochimetric on E85 is 9.7 to 1 where as pump gas is 14.7 to 1. You would need to run about an AFR of 9.0 to 1 to achieve maximum power. Where as on pump gas you run an afr of about 13.0 to 13.4 to achieve maximum power. Methanol uses an AFR range of usually around 5.5 to 1. You will definitely have to upgrade you injectors in order to deliver that amount of fuel. You will also have to get a fuel controller like a Powercommander in order to get it tuned. . Here is site to help determine what size of an injector you would need. http://www.rceng.com/technical.aspx
  3. The units are completely sealed in a potting material already. As long as the USB port plug is put in place they are waterproof. I don't know where you get your info but the units are not fragile at all. There are no moving parts inside a Powercommander and they are sealed. Powercommander 5 will retail for $359.95. With online retailers will usually sell them around the $280 price range.
  4. The 2008 Honda WILL be EFI. I just happen to work for a company that will remain nameless, but we build Fuel Injection Modules and a inside souce told us that the 08 will have EFI.
  5. The stuff actually works. On the streetbikes i personally see about a 10 to 15 difference on the track over engine ice. haven't put it in the kx yet. will though when i put my piston in.
  6. go with oem plates and fibers, but by some barnnett or ebc clutch springs.
  7. your wal-mart is damn high for prices. mine down the street sells rotella 5-40 syn. for $13.88 for a gallon which is 4 quarts.
  8. i buy a big bottle on contact cement at wally world for the same price as a small little tube of grip glue. works the same to me. spray paint works good too.
  9. motosport usually have good deals on bars and clamps but nothing beats a WINDHAM bend bar
  10. as far as suspension i would have Factory Connection or Precision Concepts do your suspension. PC does all the factory honda off-road teams suspension.
  11. stock work just fine.
  12. FC did mine no compliants.
  13. FC did mine and those are quite different for a 170 lbs
  14. use evans coolant (www.evanscooling.com) and the boysen water pump
  15. air filters, oil, oil filter and check valves every 10hrs man. runs like a F****ng champ. sorry yamaha fans but you bikes turn like S**T. they are reliable thought