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  1. mschuie

    mikuni high alt jeting...

    now thats a ton of info. thanks!
  2. mschuie

    mikuni high alt jeting...

    yeah, i may just toss in the 125 12.5 and see how it runs. But I would still like to know what all this stuff does and is... I just like to know stuff I suppose...
  3. mschuie

    mikuni high alt jeting...

    anyone have a manual for the tm36 68? Im trying to figure out what all these things are. that and I am missing what I think is the main air pilot. I think...
  4. anyone know what i should be jetting my xr400 pumper at when i am riding @1200 feet? welds done IDS muffler air box open thanks
  5. mschuie

    mikuni high alt jeting...

    ok guys. I broke down and got a used pumper for my 03 xr400. now, I was wondering if anyone else is running their pumper at 8k to 13k feet. if so what needles and jets and what not are you using? I have all the gordon mods done. air box, welds, IDS muffler. any info would be great. Im amped to get this thing on my bike. thanks men!!!
  6. mschuie

    Im sure this has been asked...

    since i gained 10000 feet in elevation i know things will need to be changed quite abit. just trying to get a head start on it and changing it to what SHOULD work.
  7. ok guys, just got an 03 xr400. Got it out east at sea level. Its now out with me here at crested butte. Ill be riding any place between 7k and 13k feet. It has the snorkel pulled, Im about to throw a supertrapp IDS can on it, and I am getting a UNI or a K&N filter. My question are as follows: What jets and pilots should i be running with this current set up? also, I am going to grind down the welds in the headers this weekend, would that change it enough to change the jets? anyone like the uni filter over the K&N? why? I have looked at the jetting forum a bunch about the jets. I keep getting such a wide range of jets and pilots i dont even know where to start.
  8. mschuie

    Im stumped. somenone help me please

    Got it, one of the electrical connections came apart. once back together started in one kick. thanks
  9. mschuie

    Im stumped. somenone help me please

    just tried to start it. nothing.
  10. mschuie

    Im stumped. somenone help me please

    i didnt change a thing with needles, and it ran fine last summer. I guess ill pull the carb .. again. maybe something got in there. Im to the point where im just going to load it up and pay someone else to do it. thanks for the reply
  11. My 98 wr400 with all the free mods is giving me some trouble. When I got back out to Colorado after being in Ny for the spring, the bike wouldnt start. It would turn over for about 5-10 seconds then cut out like it wasnt getting any gas. I pulled the carb, cleaned it ( a few times) put fresh gas and oil in it and a new spark plug. Once I put the fresh gas in it , it started right up and ran beautifully. let it run for a few min, shut it down and started it again. again, started right up. Being the smart guy I am, i jumped on and took it for a spin around the block. After two min or so, started giving it a little more gas, still good. Once i punched it though, i got to third gear and the bike backfired once and died. Wouldnt start. had to push it back to the house (its not fun pushing a bike up hill at 9000 ft. ) Im at a loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions? thanks guys
  12. mschuie

    wr400 rotor

    I need to replace my front rotor for my wr400, anyone have any suggestions on replacements?
  13. mschuie

    What's the worst

    I know its not an xr, but my friend was riding his old school kx200 or 250. muffler fell off durring the ride. he rigged it up with a twig and a vine to stay on till we made the 4 or 5 miles back. of corse he couldnt lay off of the throtle, chain breaks on a real tuff part, tares off part of the engine case ( i could see the gears, and all the oil running out). he said "scew it" started it up and rode home. i think he lit it on fire when he got home.
  14. mschuie

    loud wr

  15. mschuie

    xr400 break light for road use...

    you guys rock. thanks. also, where can i get that 16 $ switch?