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  1. KX250FJP

    2007 kx250f fly wheel weight.

    http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?&navType=type&webTypeId=203&navTitle=Engine&webCatId=17&prodFamilyId=6069#vehicleSelect Rocky Mountain sells the Steahly.
  2. KX250FJP

    05 kx250f problems.

    Worn rings can allow pressure to buildup in the crankcase and push oil out of the overflow. How many hours do you have since the rebuild?
  3. KX250FJP

    Service/Owner manual for 06 kxf250

    The link most of us used is no longer working. I can email you a copy if you would like.
  4. KX250FJP

    fuel screw

  5. KX250FJP

    04 KX250F...Camshaft Intake Cap cracked in half..WHYY??

    •Install the cylinder head. ○The camshaft caps are machined with the cylinder head; therefore, if a new cylinder head is installed, use the caps that are supplied with the new head. This is quoted from the service manual. If you notice on the parts diagram in the post above, it does not give a part number for the cam caps. They are sold and machined with the cylinder head.
  6. KX250FJP

    Need a piston for an 09

    http://www.kawasaki.com/Home/Home.aspx If you go Kawasaki's web sight at the above link, under owner info, parts diagram the part number for the '09 piston is 13001-0088. Motosport.com lists the '08 piston as 13001-0088 and has it in stock. I think DK had it right, the '08 and '09 pistons are the same.
  7. KX250FJP

    2004 head issues

    What torque did you use on the cam caps?
  8. KX250FJP

    can a 2008 head fit a 2005 kx250f

    The '08 cylinder head is a part number 11008-0116, the same as the '07. It should bolt up with no problem. I have the '07 head on my '05. I used the '05 Wiseco piston with the '07 head and have 34 hours on it with no problems.
  9. KX250FJP

    Countershaft orings

    The o-rings (A) go on the shaft, then the spacer (B)slides on and the groove © seats on the o-ring.
  10. KX250FJP

    Missing Engine Part!!!

    I have an '05 KX250F and I used the '07 parts that have the plate in front of the plug so it can't blow out. Part number 92066 in the picture (Kawasaki # 92066-024) is the plug and 13271 (Kawasaki # 13271-0675) for the plate to hold the plug and 132 (Kawasaki # 132L0612) if you lost the screw.
  11. KX250FJP

    Front sprocket oil leak. How to fix? 2006 KX250F

    Take the sprocket off, behind the sprocket is a spacer and there are two o-rings behind the spacer. Those are usually what cause the leak.
  12. KX250FJP

    titanium or stainless

    Valves run about $40.00 per valve for the SS. The springs from Kibblewhite for the SS valves run about $200.00. Seats cut for about $75.00.
  13. KX250FJP

    hole above header

    That hole is where an accessory manual decompression device would go. They have a plug part number 92066-0024 on the '04 that was held in by a bolt part number 92153-0806. I have an '05 and I bought the plug and used the plate from an '07 to hold the plug in, part number 13271-0675 (only $1.81 on motosport.com). The screw for the plate is a number 132L0612. Much better system, will not let the plug blow out.
  14. KX250FJP

    Can someone help me find the shim size's I need

    That is unusual for the intake to get loose. The Stock Kawasaki shims come in increments of .025 mm. So if you are at .33mm and want to get to .15mm you would need to go about 8 sizes larger than what is in there now. The exhaust you would go down 2 sizes to get into spec. Like I said it is very unusual for the intakes to get that loose. I would check your measurements
  15. KX250FJP

    broke a bolt =P

    The part number is 92151-1423 for the bolt. The oil filter cover is pictured with the water pump in the parts catalog.