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  1. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Rode with the new CA-Cycleworks pump today and had no problems at all. Definitely the fuel pump! KTM, you have faulty pumps in the 350's, are you listening?!?
  2. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Pretty simple to check your fuel filter: 1. Remove tank 2. Empty gas (open gas cap, pour out the top) 3. Flip tank over and remove the two panels on the under side and 8 screws 4. I believe the riders right side is the fuel pump, dislodge FP from the plastic housing so you can pull the fuel lines and fuel filter out of the riders left side to inspect 5. If the fuel filter is brownish or darker, it should be replaced. There is also a sleve that covers the fuel pump intake which should be replaced as well and is included in the fuel filter replacement kit (along with new clamps for the lines) You'll need a pair of clamp pliers (not sure of the exact name for them) for the job which can be purchased in the sprinkler supply area of your local home improvement store. Good luck!
  3. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Which pump is this test on? Your stock/original pump? Stock replacement pump or CA-Cycleworks? Fuel filter is the first thing I changed when this started happening. A buddy of mine with a '09 CRF450R had some sputtering problems and changing his filter out fixed the problem so I started there.
  4. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Thanks Mike! I ordered one, will be here on Friday and I'll ride it on Saturday and update everyone.
  5. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Here's another Husaberg thread talking about our problem. Same fuel pump apparently. I'm checking the Aprillia fuel pump out after posting this to see if it can be plug and play in a 350. http://www.husaberg.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14657
  6. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    TwentyThreeMX, what dealership are you working with? None of the 3 dealers here in Colorado have a clue about this and the pump is $500! I'm hoping they can help me out or educate my dealer. How much time have you put on the new pump? Still no problems?
  7. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    Can you strap the extra tank to your back while riding? I'm thinking by the time you get the bike back to the truck and change out the tank its at least 20 minutes. I'd really like to see the outcome of the test if you can get it changed out in 5.
  8. djgolden

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    I'm having a similar problem. '11 350 SXF with about 50 hours on it. I ride motocross exclusively here in Colorado and over the past month my bike has been quitting on me at least once if not more per day. Generally its after several laps, or if I stop and idle for a short period. The bike usually starts up and runs fine after letting it sit for 10 minutes or so. When it quits, it seems like the motor just isn't getting fuel, so I'm starting to think its the fuel pump. It sounds like its bogging for a few seconds, then it quits. I've changed out the fuel filter in the tank and the screen on the fuel pump and have switched to 100 octane, but neither of those seem to have made a difference. Has anyone changed out their fuel pump yet? Any luck getting KTM to warranty it?
  9. I've been using the recommended Motorex 10W-60 in my 350 since I got it but have a preference to switch to Amsoil if possible - the Motorex is ridiculously expensive! Amsoil only makes a 10w-40 and a 20w-50 which I believe is more for harleys and air cooled bikes. I also get a lot of false neutral shifts when going down into 1st and finding neutral when I stop the bike is really tricky. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if its oil related at all. Thanks for any help!