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  1. subvana13

    Interested in the Pitster X3R

    I think pitster is one if not the best.
  2. subvana13

    Gas can/reputation

    Oh yeah we wanna see a 48 year old hag naked...I dont think so
  3. subvana13


    I saw that once in the Thumpette forum it velosapian and one of his riding buddies
  4. subvana13

    trail ride 10th of february

    Looks like a good turn out I wish I could have made it,been wanting to meet some of you all,especially that loser RR...
  5. subvana13

    Camel Toe chaffing problems

    My camel's toes have Athletes foot!!!
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2007/AUTOS/01/19/bc.toyota.recall.reut/index.html Hurry up there moving fast...
  7. subvana13

    Utah Guide

    Wow awesome pictures!!!
  8. subvana13

    what is this bike?

    Turd!!!Dont step on that!!!
  9. subvana13

    Can I get a little feed back please?

    Like my women,White!!!
  10. subvana13

    How much should I sell my 2001 DRZ 250?

    I'm bumming.I went to see a DRZ 250 and it's too tall for my short legged ass!I'm probably gonna have to go with the CRF230 with it's 1" height difference.
  11. subvana13

    GPX 140 kit

  12. subvana13

    How much should I sell my 2001 DRZ 250?

    Anyway to get pics?
  13. subvana13

    02 DRZ250 Street Legal?

    Damn Islanders!!!Must be nice,I don't think the DR-Z250 could ever be made street legal here Cali
  14. subvana13

    DRZ 250 milage

    Have you seen these?http://www.pwccost.com/shopping/promoto/racks_suz.htm