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  1. 1)zip-tie the cam chain so it's easier to fish out of the case. 2)If you have the engine in the frame and want to take the cylinder off you will have to take the studs off so, thred a nut on the stud then thred another one on top of that and tighten them together. Then turn the bottom nut counter-clockwise. That will pull the stud out. 3)To take out the tensioner you have to un-hook the spring off the cylinder and loosen the tension adjuster nut#14,6(in the link) then pull the whole thing out from the bottom of the cylinder. A good description of the chain tensioner is here
  2. Thanks, I got it.
  3. aahhh I see it now. It didn't look like it filtered anything unless you drained it but I see how it goes through.
  4. the same way you took them out. durr :worthy:
  5. I'm not sure you would be able to find one online(i've never seen one). You probably have to buy one.
  6. I was thinking about just taking out the screen because it looks like all the screen does is keep the gunk in the little compartment instead of in my oil pan..? Would that be a smart idea?
  7. What size bike? Also, do you have any pictures?
  8. carnage.
  9. Full Exhaust (BBR Black) 26mm Carb Kit (BBR) 120cc Kit (BBR) 46 Tooth Rear Sprocket Chain Guard (BBR) Frame Cradle (BBR) + your service Manual Give me a price for that and i'll tell you yay or nay. -Also, would anyone happen to know how much shipping would cost to CT?
  10. are you going to sell your carb and bbk?
  11. All i could think of is it makes the engine run more efficently making more horses. The easier you get the air in and out, the the less work the engine has to do to pull it and push it.
  12. it lets the engine breathe easier
  13. uh no. that's hard
  14. This is what you need. You could probably find it cheeper somewhere else but i'm not sure