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  1. whitey73

    124cc? 249cc? 449cc? Why??????

    I would think its to leave a little tolerance. If they say the cc is exactly 250 and someone at a race actually checks the displacement and it comes back 250.0001, thats an illegal bike. But if the limit is 250 and the displacement is 249, there is room for that error. Nothing is perfect.
  2. whitey73

    Support Straddleline

    Hey how was the race? I haven't talked to my Dad in a while. Do you know if they are going to open up for practice this summer? Or just events? I'll be bringing my bike up there and hope to ride there. Who is Grant? (From your sig)
  3. whitey73

    rm250 or rmz450??

    R1der, you're pretty quick huh? Is overheating in the woods the only thing that the bike has done? An 06 450 should not be "breaking down." It is not a bike that was ever meant to be putted around in the woods. ANY 450 is going to overheat if you are not keeping enough speed to keep good airflow over it. If thats what you want to do, than yeah a 250 is what you need. *Edit: And how many times has your 250 ever fouled a plug 10 miles from your truck? How bad does that suck?
  4. whitey73

    Why do people hate Reed?

    Probably because he know's he doesn't really have to back it up anymore, being part time and all. And what about Reed calling Tedesco a chump just because he raced him for position?
  5. Oh boy, cant wait. We only have to wait a week to watch the 450's and 10 days for the 250's!!!
  6. whitey73

    Picks for outdoors

    WOW, no love for K-Dub? I think it'll be a GREAT season between JS and RC for the title, I think RC will take in the last couple rounds. KW, IT, CR, Nick Wey, and maybe Millsaps (depending how he handles the big boy class) will be mixing it up for the 3-7th place all year.
  7. whitey73


    I think if anything the 250f will be even easier to ride on the track than in the woods. It'll obviously be different than your 125, but you'll have a ton more power if you start racing you will be able to be competitive.
  8. whitey73

    cross country

    If you have a program like Streets and trips, I think you can plan a trip and tell it to avoid major highways and stuff. Or take a look at an atlas and got state by state and look for smaller roads that connect.
  9. I can't wait to see K-Dub mix it up with 3rd through about 6th place. Don't think he has anything for RC and JS, but should be some good racing for the rest of the top 5.
  10. whitey73

    What Happend To Broc Hepler

    He was hurt all season, knee I think. Could be wrong though.
  11. whitey73

    Chad Reed hand gesture

    Just watched it again and he is pulling the cord on his roll offs. WOuld have been funny if he would have flipped him off though.
  12. whitey73

    What if there is a tie???

    And IF there was a tie at the top JS would take the title due to more race wins 7 to 6. Or more likely 8 to 6 if he wins Vegas.
  13. whitey73

    Jason lawrence podium speech?

    you could just download the podcast and listen over and over. He probably said something like "why the F*** did it take me all year to get on the podium!!!!" I was making a drink so I didn't hear it.