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  1. dfcfu342

    Four stroke smoke

    You might have nicked a valve stem seal on assembly. Shine a light down the exhaust and intake runners and look for an oil coat on one of the valve stems.
  2. dfcfu342

    16 250f and another problem

    It sounds like you're on the right track. Flames out the exhaust usually point to spark timing or cam timing being off. Since it runs fine at times that basically rules out cam timing. If I had to hazard a guess I would say you still have an ignition gremlin to find.
  3. dfcfu342

    No Compression After Rebuild

    Timing looks good. Are you using the decompression lever when measuring the compression?
  4. dfcfu342

    FCR Carb Off-Idle Bog Help!!!!!

    As others stated you can't tune out the off idle bog when you whack the throttle open, you'll have to train yourself to use more RPM. I would suggest going back to a higher leak jet. I personally use an 80 and line the results. Going too low will make you run rich as it will cause a long squirt from the leak jet. That main jet also sounds lean. A 180 or 185 is generally good for sea level. I use a 185 in Florida and get a great top end pull and a nice light brown spark plug.
  5. dfcfu342

    Some rebuild advice needed

    You're not going to get your money back out of it that you put in, it just isn't worth enough. If it will be ridden by someone and get some enjoyment out of it then it may be worth the money. How bad is the scoring? Will a hand hone cover them up? 1) It could be starvation or sloppy building left something like a circlip or metal flakes in the cylinder. 2) See above 3) See above again. Bottom line, it will need another top end, maybe a cylinder replating. No one can answer the "is it worth my time/money" question besides the one putting in the time and money.
  6. dfcfu342

    Bike rebuilt still knocking nosie

    Double check your cam timing and the cam chain tensioner. The exhaust valve should not be touching the piston.
  7. Generally speaking, more airflow needs more fuel. Don't be afraid to experiment you won't hurt anything with the GYTR tuner, it has hard guard rails. You spent all that money at ProCircuit why not just shoot them an email and ask? I would imagine they would help you out a bit.
  8. dfcfu342

    Air filter oil...again

    Need to spread the oil around better, too many droplets and empty white spaces. Should be a nice even color across the filter media and through to the inside.
  9. dfcfu342

    Gripping the bike with legs through turns?

    Always approach your rut from the outside. If you aim from the straight directly into the rut you'll have trouble settling in which makes for a bad middle which makes for a bad exit. Approach the rut a few feet wide and turn the bike into the corner so you're already turning when you hit the rut. You'll settle in easier and carry more speed.
  10. dfcfu342

    Brain tricks - what's yours?

    1. Breathe - self explanatory. 2. Elbows up - keeping your elbows up will always keep you balanced and in the right position. 3. Smooth is fast - being smooth saves energy, reduces mistakes, and results in faster laps. 4. Relax - can't flow if you're rigid.
  11. dfcfu342

    Rebuilt yz250f seizing up

    I agree, triple check the cam timing.
  12. dfcfu342

    2006 to 2011Top-end Swap

    Thanks guys for the responses. The dealer made a hybrid kit for me with a 2008 head and the 2011 valve train components so it will all fit correctly at a good deal so that's what I'm doing.
  13. dfcfu342

    2006 to 2011Top-end Swap

    I did some more research and the 2006 and 2010 head assembly have the same part number but of course different model numbers proceeding the part number. With the different port design between the two models having the same part number may not mean much.
  14. dfcfu342

    16 yz250f running issues

    Sounds like no fuel pressure. Extra lean from a poorly performing pump or a clogged filter/screen as monk said.
  15. dfcfu342

    Real World Top End Maintenance

    Made about 200 hours on the top end of my 2006 before she popped. Doing a full top to bottom rebuild with a new crank and cylinder and we'll go for another 200 hours before I get a new bike.