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    prerunning, snowboarding, dirtbike riding, camping, partying...etc.
  1. Sinister450x

    Mojave Desert Pictures

    Looks like I'll run right into that area. I'm heading out to Jawbone Canyon this saturday morning for the weekend with my G/F and friends. Meeting up with Jeff from BOLT Performance and his many riding partners. Should be fun. Now that it rained, dirts gonna be nice. Thanks for those pics again. It gets me more pumped about this weekend even more!! -Nandi
  2. Sinister450x

    Mojave Desert Pictures

    Where exactly is that area you and your brother are riding at? Looks badass!! That's the kind of riding I enjoy encoutering. -Nandi
  3. Thought i'd share this ''INSANITY'' trick that Adam Jones pulled off recently. Sorry if its a re-post. What's next in freestyle MX? http://www.foxracing.com/sport/index.cfm?nav3=1&sportID=1&home=y
  4. Sinister450x

    New 06 450x!

    I'm curious. What is the Pink Wire mod??? I own a 05'crf450x myself. Thanks.
  5. Sinister450x

    Gear Ratio question?

    Thanks for the replies guys! I think I will invest into a 14 tooth counter sprocket and go from there. My riding habbits are based on high speed washes, single trails wooped out, some what track riding. I used to own a 99' cr250 2-stroke 4 years ago. And, track riding is what I did every weekend. I know the 450x is not set up for tracks. But.....I want to do overall riding. I tend to get very bored easily with just single trail riding. I always need more difficulty in my riding. I try to make riding a challenge every time I ride. Once again, thanks for your input.
  6. Sinister450x

    New Plastics and Graphics

    Bikes looks good in my opinion. It would look even BETTER if some black excel rims were installed...
  7. Sinister450x

    Gear Ratio question?

    DAMNIT!!! You're right. My bad.
  8. Sinister450x

    Gear Ratio question?

    I own a 05' crf450x, hence this thread......lol. Anyways, stock gear ratio on the rear sprocket is 48 teeth. My question is, Has anyone changed the ratio on their bike? I mostly do fast open desert, track, technical riding. Not enduro, just open fast technical riding. If I were to change it to a higher tooth, I'll gain more low end speed and torque correct? What do you suggest I do? Keep the stock sizing, or change it to higher ratio? Thanks, Nandi
  9. Sinister450x


    So....to understand this whole racing association. You must be a AMA member to this sanction correct? And, entry fee is $50 bucks? I also plan on attending all 6 races for the season. What are the benefits, how long are the laps, and how many riders per class? I'm new to the racing idea. Like I said, I plan on racing all races including the first one in feb.18th. Thanks, Nandi
  10. Sinister450x

    Any known differences between '05 and '06 450X?

    Their's only 3 different things that I can think of. 1. The 06' weighs more than the 05's. 2. the wheelbase is either smaller, or longer than the 05. Don't really remember. 3. Huge cost difference between each year. When I was purchasing mine, those were the main flaws and made me get an 05.
  11. Sinister450x

    Custom CRF450X Graffix

    Decal works was the one! Thanks man. I already ordered it up. hahaha
  12. Sinister450x

    My off-road toyz

    Found some more when the front end was getting re-built. Full droop: top view: Interior cage work: last one, passenger side shock mount/engine cage:
  13. Sinister450x

    Custom CRF450X Graffix

    Does anyone make (Black) backround graffix for an 05' crf450x? I want the side number plates, and possibly modify the front number plate around the light. I have been looking around. Only N-style makes w/red border trim. I want just ''BLACK'' The reason I'm doing this is because, my two other buddies ride a 06 crf250x and the other as same as me. I kinda want to look different and not with them. I mainly ride with them. Cuz, they're the only ones around that I know will ride when I do. OKAY....enough about that. So, bottom line question is, Does any company make a backround kit for crf450x model? Or, will a 05' crf450R fit the ''X'' model? I think you guys get were i'm going with this. Thanks for any help. -Nandi
  14. Sinister450x

    My off-road toyz

    Manhattan Beach. My mom lives in Corona. Off Lincoln near sixth street. She works at Car sho auto. hahahaha. Remember, the ranger is for sale!!
  15. Sinister450x

    My off-road toyz

    To be honest, The Ranger is sooo much fun and performs great. I can do anything. Charge whoops, jumps, high speed technical driving. Whatever you want to throw at it, the ranger can handle it!! But......the cost to repair, fix, and modify it, wayyyy toooo expensive for my pocket. That is why, I got back into dirt riding. It's something I can afford. The Honda crf450x is totally fun as well. I can't wait to hook up the bike. That's the fun part.