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  1. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    A few shots from this morning's ride, North of 66

    Just a thought but would maybe a paddel tire work for the soft snow or are you in hard pack too much.
  2. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Starting a freezing 450X

    Cold mornings suck! There was a big Freeze at a desert race in January. I came down from my in laws it was 8*F and about 20*F at the desert. My bike was frozen ended up hooking jumper cables to the bat and using the e-start took 30min to start. Thanks again for the cables cubera.
  3. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Racing Horns

    You can get something like this. http://www.kandstech.com/index.php?page=horns Then hook it up to this. http://www.kandstech.com/index.php?page=switchescontrols
  4. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Any video of Stewart crash

    I was in section 10 in the nose bleed area.
  5. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Any video of Stewart crash

    sorry about the quality. It was originally saved to be viewed on a TV. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v200/HavUcenMyBaseBol/?action=view&current=2-2.flv
  6. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Any video of Stewart crash

    I have the vid of him endoing I'll try and post it up
  7. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Nice save!

  8. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Super secret test track...I found it !!

    That road course looks like it would be fun on a CBR! Need a test rider?
  9. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    ... finally, a X's motor that just couldn't anylonger.

    I've been fine, heading to Gordons Well monday. I'll be out at the Race on sunday I can't wait! The arm still hurts every now and then. Hows those ribs?
  10. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    ... finally, a X's motor that just couldn't anylonger.

    Are the R valves the same as the X? Why not just get after market SS for an R. Sorry to get off the threads topic but i am curious.
  11. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Street vs. Dirt...?

    One of the Mags test rode the Aprilia. They said it has too much wheel spin and that the 550 was uncontrollable. As for Sport bikes I loved my 03 CBR 600RR. Would like to get a street bike again but putting it on the back burner for now. Wife worried too much every time I got on it.
  12. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Diesel wont hurt right?

    has anyone tried simplegreen?
  13. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    ever wish your dirtbike had...

    It's called the Tomahawk
  14. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    AMA D-38 Desert Racing & Baja Huskys for 2007

    I didn't know GP did test rides.
  15. HavUcenMyBaseBol

    Buttercup, Gordons well

    Take the 8 east you cant miss it Buttercup is on the right and Gordons is on the left. I-8 to the Grays Well exit. Buttercup campground is on the south side of the highway, to the left Take the Gordons Well exit off of I-8. Go north. At "T", go right past dumpsters and over the canal. Pay station is just past the canal. http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_isdra_gordons_well.htm http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_isdra_buttercup.htm