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  1. Dirtnapdave

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    Are you not listening "CALL HONDA MOTOR CORPORATION CUSTOMER SERVICE" and tell them the situation and have them advise you. The other dealers do not CARE or HAVE time to look for your bike. Your bike is being ridden HARD or being dismantled and PARTS sold. The bike would of been covered at my dealer but we would have a $1000.00 Ded. per claim.
  2. Dirtnapdave

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    As a Service manager at a So. Calif. dealer and YOU need to call Honda customer service 1-(866)-784-1870 and have your VIN# and date of purchase ready. Get them involved A.S.A.P. Get your own POLICE report....and in Calif. your signature on a R.O. at 15 years old is WORTHLESS! If we did a $1,500 repair on your signature alone your parent could walk in and pick up the bike a leave and I could not do a thing by law.
  3. Dirtnapdave

    Why I'm back on Honda

    2006 KX450....?? How fresh is that piston....?? It looks as though the hardface coating on the wrist pin began to wear off and the pin started to pivot on the piston itself....bad news!! That will do the type of damage that you show in your photos. How often did you change the oil.? what type.? How many hours on that piston.? Coolant level.? I'm PRO HONDA all the way but KX450s are decent.
  4. Dirtnapdave

    Who's still riding a '02 to '04 450?

    I am still racing my 2003 CRF450 w/ original valves and one new piston. As a +50 Senior Novice I doubt I would be any faster on a 2008. But I really like the steering dampner setup though.
  5. Dirtnapdave

    Anyone use a 120/90/19 tire

    I tried a Dunlop D-756 120/90/19 on rear of my 2003 CRF450. My first race was S.R.A. G.P. at Glen Helen pulled a holeshot.....floated through the sand washes. LOVED IT!! Next race M.X. at Racetown didn't seem to turn very well. Next race M.X. at Glen Helen still didn't like the way it turned. It seemed to stand up and not lay over. Went back to 110/ all good now. My vote go to the 120/ for Desert or G.P. .....110/ for M.X.
  6. Dirtnapdave

    After racing...shins and Calves, ITCH BAD!!

    Thanks for your responses and opinions. As for the circulation theory, I next to my senior Motocross racing I am very into Mtn. biking...so not a cardio issue. I raced at Glen Helen Vet-X and I put powder in my boots and took my boots off between Motos. Late that afternoon same problem...... that night I was looking at the inside of my Tech 6s and I noticed the boot size tag had a reddish color. So my thoughts were my red Thor core pants? Maybe the dye with my sweat was the problem. I washed them in "Hot" water instead of cold and the water was "Pink" in the machine....hopefully the dye with sweat may be an issue......tried everything else...... Dave
  7. When I race my 2003 CRF450...that night and the next couple of days my shins and calves itch BAD!! I have tried every MX sock from alpinestar to Thor. I wear a new pair of Tech 6's and am a very clean person too. Has anybody encountered this?? It must me the socks but why?
  8. Dirtnapdave

    CRF Harsh Suspension

    I cannot wait to hear the answer to this one!! My 2003 CRF450 was revalved by Pro Circuit for the "Big Boy" I bought it from. I had it revalved for my weight and ability (40+Novice) by Suspension by Jake. I ran that for a year and couldn't get it dialed in, too harsh!! I went to MB1 and had it redone again. It seems better now but not as good as it should. I am still working on getting it dialed in. My XR400 seems to absorb the terrain better and turn better too!! When I race it feels like I am going fast but I'm not!! Maybe a 2006 with stock suspension???