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  1. jwelsh869

    Springs to stiff!!!

    yeah first off. is it sprung for your weight? dont adjust shit till its sprung correctly and the sag is set light fork oil is a bandaid good luck jw
  2. jwelsh869

    Which way is up ?

    tech tip. when u take something apart index in your mind what was up or down. or take a picture
  3. jwelsh869

    Protecting Front and Rear Shocks?

    uve lost your mind if your forks are streaking well theres no helping u pressure washing? u are talking about something that is not a problem. after u ride remove the dust seals from forks and clean the dirt out u can take a card from a biz with PJ1 contact cleaner and save the seal for a little while good luck l8 jw
  4. jwelsh869

    Bike storage

    your bike should always sit free on a stand when not in use. fork springs need to sit at free length when not in use also let the air out of your forks after ever ride, or moto. do not bleed your forks while the into the travel hence the arrivall of quick bleeds. sweet idea but not when the fork is loaded. your are bleeding air from a tube that at top out has a very different dead air space quantity. if you bleed them under wait they actually want more air. jw
  5. dude, it doesnt matter where you clamp your throttle down. it indexs itself. its a rotating device that makes us rip and clamps on to the handlebar. u may have routed your cable wrong? did u install an exstention to youre exsisting mount to go 1" rather than a new clam. whats going here? questions, answers? jw
  6. here you go dude. nothing says nothing so do this, take some time, and drop the clip on the needle 1, 2 marks; feel how it runs . better or worse, raise it 1,2 better worse. needle should be in the middle so this is an easy test to see where u are at for you pilot jet. 1 clip difference is cool but you start messing with the taper after that. does it blubber or miss and cough?
  7. jwelsh869

    My new Arai!!!!!

    yeah nice. i have yet to see a V3 Arai for me all the way you parked a mercedes next to geos and neons. oh yeah dont ride without jacking your visor all the way up. not only will you look like a squid you wont have full visibility. its great to know you have on the most advanced head protection available. i will have to get an Arai V3 jw
  8. the begginings of scrubbing is their for sure. start earlier. u may be over riding your suspension it looked a little soft,
  9. jwelsh869

    Motor work...

    dude, should not be tearing your engine apart. you cant even spell. if you want to spend alot of money, go buy yamaha service manual. go home and read it. twice. then go back to the dealer and order the necessary tools. wait a week, tools will come in and you'll be on your way to diagnosing and replacing parts you have no clue about. valves dont look bad or good your looking at a burn pattern. do they leak is the? did u stagger the rings upon the last replacement? man, i dont know what to tell im a technician so just watch yourself. u may end spending $ you may not need to. a trained eye really needs to inspect your parts good luck all the best jw