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  1. Just moved here from Vegas and trying to find some pitbike tracks or places to play! Any help would be awesome!
  2. SAL45

    ttr50 cannot get spark

    I had a similar problem with my sons TTR50. I couldn't get it to start after sitting for quite sometime. I cleaned out the carb completely...pulled jets everything. Next I took and cleaned the petcock on the tank. Sometimes they can get alittle junked up from sitting with fuel in the tank. After that, she started up with no problem! Try it before you loose your money to the dealer!
  3. SAL45

    father and son racing

    That's really cool! I'm hoping to do the same with my son.
  4. Works like a champ! Anyway you could put up 3rd Gear Pinned?
  5. I get the same with the 50nutz videos. They d/l but not the complete movie for some reason. Same if I use the viewer on that site to watch them. It was at least cool what I did see! Those guys are nuts!
  6. SAL45

    My Fathers Day Present !!!!!!!

    Sweet! Looks good on the bike!
  7. SAL45

    Sandy Valley - Sunday!

    Is it going to be both tracks or just the big track? I may be able to get som fiddy guys out there to ride.
  8. Traves, check out TBR bar kit. It comes with a BigNutz triple and ProTaper bars. It comes with all the stuff too like throttle and brake cable. I have it on my TTR50 and it's great IMO! Definately worth checking out.
  9. SAL45

    ttr-50 foot peg position is wrong

    If you are looking for a good bar kit, look at the TBR kit. I put that one on mine and I am really happy! The good thing with the TBR kit is you get 'known' products like ProTaper bars and BigNuts triple clamp.....not sure what bars are in the GYTR kit....just something to think about.
  10. SAL45

    :ride: TTR50 MODS

    Don't do the SP-5's! I had some on my old CRF and they wern't that great IMO. I think there are better options like SANO, RB or Marz if you want to really spend the $$. I did TBR HD fork springs and rear spring and that helps alot and is cheep!
  11. SAL45

    :ride: TTR50 MODS

    Pski, what do you mean washers on exhaust? I am interested in this mod!
  12. SAL45

    :ride: TTR50 MODS

    There is talk about putting the head from a TTR90 on the 50. Its the same head in the GYTR kit for the 50. That's one I know about. Besides the foot pegs, bars, pipe, air filter, seat, fork springs......I don't know what else.
  13. SAL45

    VIN numbers

  14. SAL45

    VIN numbers

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot. I did run it thru AZ,CA and it comes back with nothing. I just want to make sure if I decide to sell it in the future if I pick it up, the new owner won't run into any hassles if he has to get a sticker from the DMV or something. Thanks for the tip.
  15. SAL45

    VIN numbers

    Thanks Hawk. I was looking on the NV Dmv site and I got nothing. I will check AZ and see. It's worth a shot, since I don't know where he got the bike from. Thanks for the help.