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  1. I was searching the new TE630 and was surprised not to see more on TT about it, are there not even any owners yet?
  2. Matt400

    2007 Husqvarna TE 250 stalling problem?

    Confused on the valves.. if they were the cause how would it stall one time and then run great for an hour or so then have another stall?
  3. Matt400

    2007 Husqvarna TE 250 stalling problem?

    I checked the fuel tank valve and found that it flows freely into the tank and allows for a slight pressure build in the tank before releasing. I am pretty sure that's how its suppose to work when venting to the emissions canister however since that's been removed anyway..I took the valve out and now just have a straight hose. The JD kit I have calls for the RED needle in the 4th from the top position and to use a #180 jet. That's for 0 to 4000 feet but I ride 2500 to 5000 feet most of the time. Pilot is a #42
  4. Matt400

    2007 Husqvarna TE 250 stalling problem?

    My 06 stalls too and I am reading here trying to put a finger on it. There are times on a long downhill the engine just shuts down and while the down hill is plenty long for bump starting I get nothing, the rear wheel will turn the motor over forever and I get nothing like the ignition is shut off but what is weird is if I hit the e-button it fires right up like noting happened. Other times if it stalls while on single track where I didn't have time to bump it the e-start has to crank more than I think it should. I try the hot start button on or off trying to figure out what works, sometimes the HS button helps other times I am not so sure. It stalls always when off the throttle and never on the power. Last weekend I rode for 5 hrs and it happened probably 6-7 times. Mine has the JD kit, smog removed except for that tank valve and is otherwise stock.
  5. Matt400

    I like being different but...

    yes but what a bike! Does nothing great but does everything you throw at it. For 6 years I ran enduro's, dual sports and play rides till the weight got to me. My TE is too tiny for any real road use, feels like a moped on the pavement. I need a bike for every occasion vs a do all or need to cut back where I ride.
  6. Matt400

    I like being different but...

    In our area within a 200km range there are just as many Husky dealers as KTM's and last weekends event was a District 36 local ride. There may have been a few out of area riders but out of a couple hundred I was by myself on the Husky. I can't say superior cuz it was so long ago but it was extremely good and was the bike that advanced me to A's. There have been other bikes, after the EXC I rode a 96 XR for many years, I immediately felt slower on the 96 XR vs the 92 EXC but kept it due to the fun factor and after the XR was an 03 RM250 that I moded the suspension & motor for woods use but still yearned for the old EXC. Bought my TE cuz it came with a plate which is cool to me, I don't have to trailer it as much. That it does, I need to play with the suspension some more maybe, I think its too stiff for the way I ride. The plush EXC would not deflect through the rock fields as much. True! one fella at the start commented about my plate, something about riding to dinner afterwards You make a good point that's for sure. I think where I got caught up in it all was after my 92 EXC250 I have been slower on all my other bikes but in fairness my 96 XR400 and 03 RM250 are not enduro bikes like the EXC was and my TE came many years later after getting slower with age. Ride makes an interesting comparison on the 94 WXC250
  7. Matt400

    I like being different but...

    it was a 2t. My Husky feels light enough and power is good, it was too tall when I bought it. Was over an inch higer than the KTM's so I lowered it 1", just too tall in tight woods IMO. I ground down the steering stops for a little better tight turning on switch backs. I was definitely faster on my KTM, could hang ok in the 250A class but not anymore. Difference though was I was 32 then and am now 50. Maybe its more my age.
  8. It sure seems odd at Enduro's I never see any Huskys. Loads of KTM's plus some Honda & Yamaha even a Suzuki or two but last Sunday at the 49er I was all by myself. So I began to think, my old 92 EXC250 was awfully good in the woods and really honed my skills but that was 17 years ago and I was alot younger then too. I recall it having a much more compliant/softer suspension and held a line through rocks better, I think the turning radius was tighter too. Shouldn't my new TE be superior to my old EXC and where are the TE's at the Enduros?
  9. Matt400

    Georgetown dual sport

    Anyone have info about this? I rode it last year and really had a good time, was looking forward to an invite from last years entry but have not seen anything.
  10. Matt400

    07 TE250 Seat Height and Weight

    Was it the 1 or 1.5" and did you move the forks any?
  11. Matt400

    Suspension Lowering Link ??????

    I checked with these people: http://www.mountainmotorsports.biz/ and while the TE250 is not listed on their site, they did contact me back saying they do have a link for 170.00 shipped. I didn't find out if it was there own or a Kouba they are reselling.
  12. I have often wondered about that route since all the custom Harley's have no trouble. I assume you took them a frame that had no VIN thus the need for one.And what about the emissions, how does carb let special const. vehicles go?
  13. I suppose if you consider "do all" a typical dual sport event then the ones I have ridden in our area were plenty of pavement & dirt roads with a mix of challenging single track along the way. I used a converted XR400 for that stuff however given that scenario of ridding and based on what I have learned from others it appears "to me anyway" that an EXC450 would be more at home on the single track while the TE610 would be more pleasure than the EXC on the dirt roads and pavement yet doable on the single track. (I have ridden an older 610 but not the EXC450) Honing this thinking further might be a TE510 that is geared tall enough just to get by in the single track along with a bigger tank. But for the height challenged it may also need to be lowered, now that I think about it the new TE610 is 37" so that would be a handful at over 300lbs on rough single track. On my XR I never did like the pavement as it felt too small and under powered yet when I made it to the single track it worked well for me. On dual sport runs overall I felt like I was on too small of bike. I did many enduros on it also and there it felt too big et for some reason I held on to that bike for over 6 years, it never did anything well, just did everything. My TE250 is great in the woods and trail connects with the plate but its no dual sport IMO.
  14. Matt400

    Brakes too touchy anyone?

    So on yours then you are telling me you have the push rod adjusted so that elongated slot is taken up? Maybe thats part of my trouble, I have to press down on the brake lever and it travels across that slot...I keep pressing getting no brake and just stretching the return spring and then wham, shes locked.I will take a look at the service manual and see what it says for that.
  15. Matt400

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    Was this on your bike or did you read a bad thread online somewhere?