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  1. j_bob_28

    looking for some bubba wallpaper

    lol...the guy with the football in that picture is bubba franks...get it...bubba wallpaper
  2. j_bob_28

    Pastrana Question

    anybody else
  3. for some reason i have always thought that pastrana had a younger brother....is this true???
  4. j_bob_28

    Windham is looking good...

    thanks for posting these sweet vids.....any vids of the pros racing back when it was all 2 strokes is just plain awesome....the racing is actually close and fun to watch
  5. j_bob_28

    Amazing Video...worth the watch

    lol ya...some of these guys are just plain crazy
  6. j_bob_28

    Amazing Video...worth the watch

    the main rider on the banshee is billy cole i believe...here is a few more videos of him and some other guys http://www.motopimps.com/cotw02.wmv http://www.gangstahic.com/videos/dirt/jtownlocals/qthq.html and a crash vid http://www.gangstahic.com/videos/other/wipeouts/qthq.html his site http://www.colemx.com
  7. j_bob_28

    SX Toronto Torrent is here!!!

    well i finally found the file...sorry for being so anoying
  8. j_bob_28

    SX Toronto Torrent is here!!!

    yes mine is done downloading, now it is just uploading....someone said that it will just start automatically and mine hasnt so i guess ill just keep waiting
  9. j_bob_28

    SX Toronto Torrent is here!!!

    mine is done downloading but it will not play....do i have to click somewhere or does it start automatically