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  1. JLJ9195

    What is this on my 08' XC-F?

    my bike (08 450xcf) did the same thing. was told it's the spark plug gasket leaking. just replaced..easy fix, all of 20 minutes max. i haven't checked on status yet as i've had no time to ride.
  2. hello everyone, is monster energy still giving out free pit passes with with empty monster can? was wondering if they were doing this for the jacksonville, fl race? thanks, jeff
  3. hello, can this handlebar be used with an ABM (gpr1) on the 08 xcf450? thanks for your help. jeff
  4. JLJ9195

    what do you think?

    great post and thanks for the info!
  5. hello, so i've been reading alot about the hon/kawa/suz 400s on here. i've also been reading about kfx 700. i've done some research on polaris too. i'm looking to get one or two quads for my girlfriend and i. we live in FL. she needs an auto...she is custom to riding a polaris 400 utlity which is up north at her familys house and has no problems with handling the bike. i, myself, usually ride dirtbikes (have '01 yz250 and '08 ktm 450xcf). i'm kind of inclined to get an automatic too. i'm 6'2, 215lbs. we will only be trail riding, no mx, no jumps unless it's out on a trail! no major mud holes either probably...but can't guarantee! my question: which bike to get? go for a more trail, utility, or mx bike? options would include: 1. polaris scrambler 500 4x4 2. honda/suz 400 3. kfx700 4. polaris sportsman 5. one of the mx atvs i like the idea of auto and 4x4. i'm just not that sure if auto would get boring after while. alot of FL trails have whoops and sugar sand, so curious how rough the suspenders would be too. anyone with any opinions or have ridden any of the bikes listed above or any other bikes, please chime in and give me your input! thanks. jeff
  6. JLJ9195

    Lookin' for a ridin' group! Tampa area, or north

    i'm in noth tampa and have been to crooms a couple times. fun place. my riding buddies are on the east coast, so i'm usually riding solo here in tampa. let me know when you want to trail ride...i'd say i'm intermediate and ride a ktm 450xcf. other than crooms, i don't know of any other place here on the west coast.
  7. JLJ9195

    DR350 fork boots anyone tried Dennis Kirk

    you can look online on your local suzuki dealerships website and they usually have online parts catalogs...i got a blue pair ($20), brand wps, from the tucker online catalog for my 95 dr 350se. they arrived at the shop, but i haven't pick them up yet. i think they had blue, blk, or red. give it a try.
  8. JLJ9195

    anyone riding crooms this saturday

    anyone on 2 wheels for saturday the 12th? hopefully weather will be okay - says showers in the afternoon.
  9. hello, just looking for some people to ride with at crooms this saturday...it would be my first time there. i'm in north tampa. let me know. thanks, jeff
  10. extra goodies include gpr stabilizer, larger capacity acerbis tank, added the oem xcf-w tach/computer, usfs sa pmb tip, and all oem parts
  11. will ride mostly offroad; single track and open trails. currently ride yz250. options are: 08 xcf with rekluse (40hrs, + many additional parts/goodies) for 4800 or 06 crf for 2700 (stock, approx. 25hrs). both look very clean and seem to be in good shape. any help appreciated! thanks.
  12. JLJ9195

    "The Compound", FL

    i rode the compound for years. it was a place with tracks and trails. however, the place is under careful eye of the palm bay police. i will be honest, it's been awhile (at least 6-8 months) since my last adventure out there, so i'm really not sure exactly if you can still ride there. it's out in the palm bay area. from degroodt road, turn onto bombardier (bayside hs is at the intersection). continue straight on bombardier right into the compound. just a quick history...was suppose to be a development which fell through, so there are unmarked/named paved roads throughout the area. hopefully the info helps and if you do venture out there and have no problems, let me know and i'd be more than happen to be the trailmaster!
  13. JLJ9195

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    yeah, it definitely is a large area. i have only ridden there 2-3 times. each time out, we parked at different places and rode different areas. it appears you can go from us1 all the way to babcock if you find the right trails. the area is south of malabar road and just east of 95/babcock.
  14. JLJ9195

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    grant vs 5a size: probably close, but grant less crowded and not too worried of blind corners; plus, grant not as sandy and whooped out.
  15. JLJ9195

    anyone in brevard riding saturday

    it's about 15 minutes from I-95, malabar rd exit.