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  1. pat_pj1

    New KX100

    Thanks for the info.
  2. pat_pj1

    New KX100

    Just brought home a 06' KX100. What I need to know, during the break-in period do I have to change all fluids in the bike? I am talking about draining the coolant, taking off the cylinder head, etc. I can handle the premix-oil, transmission oil and the air filter. This is my first 2 stroke, but I cant wait to see what the bike can do. Just looking for some info. Riding the bike in open fields about 70% and 30% on the track. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. pat_pj1

    110 question

    All, looking at the KLX110 for adult rider. kids have a crf150/50 and i want something now. looking at something that i can work on and upgrade as well as ride w/ them. i am about 5'9 and 190lbs. will the 110 work? looking for info. thanks
  4. pat_pj1

    buying used 125

    hello all. looking to buy a used 98+ 125 yz. the bike has a new clutch, top end and fork seals. overall the bike looks decent, what things should I be concerned with. i have bought honda in the past (crf50/150 for the kids), but this bike just seemed to fit my budget. i plan to use it for riding w/ the kids. any help would be appreciated.
  5. pat_pj1

    A beast to start

    Well, brought the 150/50 home today. What a beast that 150 is to start. Need some help though. I can get it started (after I tear up my leg) with the full choke on, then I can drop it to half choke. If I try an turn off the choke after about 5min, the bike cuts off. It won't stay on without the choke. Is this just because its a new bike and I have to deal w/ it? I plan on the power up kit down the road, would like to ride stock for a while. Also, any pics/info if the fuel screw or idle screw could be causing this.
  6. pat_pj1

    Putting on the mods

    i need some help. i pick up my crf-150 on monday. i am planning to atleast put on the skid plate, do the power up (102 main / 45 pilot, i live in petersburg, va), change to a Uni Air filter and then take out the baffle/snorkel. i can't change the pipe right now. what i need to know: 1. am i on the right track 2. should i wait until i get a pipe to do the power up 3. can i do this myself, not a big engine repair type guy. 4. are there any pics and details on how to do all this? any help would be greatly appreciated. i really don't want to mess this bike up on the first day or take it to the dealer. thanks
  7. pat_pj1

    new crf150

    thanks. this is the info that i was looking for. i am trying to get the service manual so i can do these mods myself.
  8. pat_pj1

    new crf150

    thanks for the great info. i will do just that, bring it home and enjoy the bike (stock). ill keep reading the post on this site, alot of info. thanks again
  9. pat_pj1

    new crf150

    all, just joined the site and recently purchased a 05' crf150 for me and my son. was also looking at the ttr125l, but the 150 just seemed better suited for us. i pick it up in about 9 days. my questions are: what basic add-ons should i do. i know that suspension is at the top of the list, but what other things. (muffler, jetting) i would like everything put on before i even bring the bike home. i am still looking on this site for other threads that might have this info. appreciate any help
  10. pat_pj1

    picking the right bike

    thanks for all the advice. it looks like i will get the ttr-125L for the son. would the ttr-230 be a good trail bike to ride with him? my ridin time has been on the R-1, but would also like to ride w/ him. i have been told to get the ttr-230 for ease of riding and also maintenance. let me know what you all think. thanks
  11. pat_pj1

    picking the right bike

    he is about 5'2, would just adding the bbr springs work? he is new to off-road bikes, i dont want to change the front end w/ the yz yet.
  12. pat_pj1

    picking the right bike

    just joined. seems like a great site. i am looking for a bike for my son mainly, although i know that i will ride it. he is 12, about 110 lbs, i am 5'11 about 200. we are looking at the ttr-125L (05',2300 OTD). i cant afford 2 bikes right now. is that a good price for one and how can we make the bike a better ride for us. no tricks/jumping, just some good father/son trail riding. thanks for any help that you all can provide.