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    dual sport dot tires

    What About Tyre Air Pressure In Diffrent Terrain Like:- Mud? Sand? Gravel? Snow? Rocks? Please Let Me Know......it Really Matters.......or Not....
  2. EO202

    dual sport dot tires

    metzler enduro sahara 3 are really good on and off tyres. Enduro tyre with very good on-road performance dedicated to the globetrotters always looking for fun riding no matter what the terrain is Dedicated tread compound perfectly combining safe on-road cornering grip and good off-road traction Tread pattern geometry designed for fast self-cleaning: stable and precise trajectories without skidding also on soft, muddy terrains Great handling with easy corner entry, stable cornering and high safety margins when riding at the limit http://www.metzelermoto.com/web/catalog/moto/moto_catalogo_schedaDescription.page?categoria=/catalog/moto/off_road/enduro_on_off&vehicleType=MOTO&product_id=102241&uri=/metzeler/en_IT/browser/xml/catalog/moto/OffRoad_Enduro3.xml&menu_item=/products/catalog/off_road