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  1. Dont dry rap the bike, it might take you for a unexpected ride.
  2. Colorado

    ^^^ Thanks for you time writing that it helps a lot. We normally ride halsey trails here in nebraska and we are used to pounding out 25 miles hard and fast and then taking a break. So I can see how the enduro is hard. The high Sunday should be around 50 degrees. Also should I run my number on the bike or is a new one issued at the race?
  3. Colorado

    Me and a freind will be there. We are riding a 06 yz450f and a 08 crf450r I plan to take a liter of extra gas. Also were riding c class and the course is only 65 miles:banana: Never done a enduro before so i plan to just ride fast and not keep track of time. Any info to help us first timers out with would help.
  4. Ktms are all fun and games till your front end breaks off. Yamaha all the way.
  5. Judging by your age and weight, I would recomend the 250f for track use. Much lighter and faster than a 450 since you are so small. You have your whole life to move up to a 450 so why would anyone consider jumping from a 125 to one of the fastest bike made. Not saying you cant jump on a 450 and make it screem in a straight line down a dirt road, but a 250f is just plain faster on a track.
  6. Supercross

    I dont like porcel's attitude. I hope he loses the rest of the races and the championship. ha ha highly unlikly though...
  7. Supercross

    Agreed awsome main. I was rooting for Barcia the whole race. I knew he would wreck or podium.
  8. I thought it was funny when he said he had the segway becuase he was lazy.
  9. Thats a good deal for a hour meter. Also I bought a hour meter mount off ebay for $12 that make install of it really nice. If it wasnt below zero id get a picture.
  10. Get the yz125 unless you race motocross. Way more fun riding than working on a bike.
  11. Go with the 10 yz450f, lots of good reviews. That being said I would never pay that much for any of those bikes. A new 09 yz450f can be had for $4000-4500 otd around here. If you can find one, the kx450f sounds like the bike for you also.
  12. After owning both i would say 250t and 450f are close regarding top end power. However the 450 is much easer to go fast. (more touque and smoother power) I am much faster on my 450 on a mx track but i miss my 250t as far as maintance gos.
  13. To the original poster did you get the truck how is it? What are the issues with the edge? I know that they make lots of power. What chip does everyone recomend?