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  1. Shred

    Update on El Dorado Forest

    Tony's email address is: ascardina@fs.fed.us remember to be nice or you may end up working against our cause... perhaps we should cc: Ramiro since he's the decision maker. My guess is that his email address is, rvillalvazo@fs.fed.us . BTW Tony too is a D.C. implant who's been here about 1 year.
  2. Shred

    Update on El Dorado Forest

    Grab a beer, this may take a while. I spoke to Tony Scardina of the FS extensively yesterday and learned a few things- some encouraging and others discouraging. First, the FS plans on amending Alternative C (?) in a manner which would keep many trails presently threatened by permanent closure open by rerouting the trails around ecologically sensitive areas i.e. mountain meadows. Case and point, the awesome trail that I unknowingly poached running down Strawberry Creek a couple of weeks ago would be reopened with the trail rerouted around a couple of wet meadows. I impressed upon Tony the importance of including in the Alternative's language a time line and funding source for the trail rerouting process. Without this I could see good intentions but unfulfilled promises. Second, he said that it is likely that the trails around Caples Lake will be closed. I've never ridden these trails but he described them as running through meadow habitat exclusively. If this is true and the FS' definition of meadow habitat is "perennially wet, open areas comprised of grass and forb plant species," then it sounds like a less than an ideal place to ride from both the recreational and ecological perspectives. Flat, wet meadows while aesthetically pleasing, don't offer much of a riding challenge. Ecologically they are very important water and food resources for most mountain wildlife species. This mountain habitat type is also one that has been most developed- it is much easier to build in flat places with a water supply than on rugged slopes. My point is that if the FS is proposing areas that are truly ecologically sensitive then I'm ok with going around them. If a trail is found exclusively on that habitat type then it sucks but I'm ok with closing it or figuring out a viable alternative that would protect the species that depend on it for survival. This assumes that the trail negatively impacts the ecosystem. None of us would ride a trail if we knew definitely that riding that trail killed entire populations of deer and bear. I digress… The third thing I learned was that there are some trails closed now that should not be. I need to provide you with some background to explain. My buddy and I rode from Strawberry over the pass and over to an area called Government Meadows (I know, "meadow riding hypocrite"...no meadow in sight of the trail head) where we hoped to ride some single track as shown on my recently acquired FS map. Well we got there after riding 10+ miles only to find two red "sign-post stumps" where trail markers closing the trail had been placed and torn down. We turned around. I mentioned this to Tony who told me of a more up to date trail map (DVMPete I think this is the map you showed me) and said that all trails with official trail numbers are on the new map. I responded that the Govt Meadows trail did have a number on the FS map I had to which he responded that there are trails out there created by the "local FS", assigned a trail number, but aren't officially recognized in the "federal FS" because the local FS did not follow the proper trail registration/permitting protocol. He said that these local FS trails often have a long history of use and would be reopened. Believe it, or not?! Finally, he stated under the new and revised Alternative C that 50 miles of trails would be lost and that most of the miles occur in 3 historically popular areas- one of them being Caples. I think, but don't quote me, that Indian Valley may have been another. I agree with Rockhounder & tgodwin that we need to evaluate the impacts in the EIR, check out and record the areas and provide mitigation solutions. Sign me up to help- I'm an ecologist with a dirt bike!
  3. Shred

    Tossing Around a High Sierra Ride on Sunday 7/23

    Hhmm- I rode most of the proposed route last weekend. I'll look into getting a kitchen pass. I'd love to go again...
  4. Hey Great ride BigBob, OldeDude (who doesn't ride like an old dude) and classic Dave916. It was great to get out to EF to see what it's all about. It looks like a great place to spend all day learning new trails. Thanks for the introduction to EF. Remember I was going to Strawberry? Well it was awesome. I did 50 miles today 3/4 fun/semi challenging double track and 1/4 sweet, rocky, technical single track. Yahoo and the views were incredible. I'll definitely be back to discover more. Let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know when I sneak off on a weekday. Thanks again for the great (short) ride and for posting all the pictures! Shred
  5. Shred

    weekday ride next week - loop 5 FH

    I rode 5 last Tuesday and had a blast. The trail was in great shape and although Sac. was a hundred degrees it was in the 80's there- we left Sugarpine at 7:30. We saw no other riders except when we came back to the parking lot. Wish I could join you Thursday...have fun!
  6. Shred

    Stony Ride Friday- any takers?!

    Rob- See you tomorrow @ 6. I assume you have a pipe that doesn't exceed 96db- I've had friends who got there (even early hours) and were told they couldn't ride. Mike
  7. Shred

    Stony Ride Friday- any takers?!

    Thanks, I know but some of it is open- see below for road update by Uncle Moose. I would launch from Goat Mountain Road, Digger Pine Campground. "COLUSA COUNTY REOPENS PORTIONS OF TWO STORM-DAMAGED ROADS ACCESSING MENDOCINO NATIONAL FOREST Colusa County has reopened portions of two county roads that access the southeastern end of the Grindstone Ranger District which have been closed for the past month because of storm damage. Effective Thursday, May 4, portions of County Road 43 (Fouts Springs Road/Forest Service M-10), and County Road 42 (Little Stony) are open to public travel. These roads access popular Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails on the national forest in the Fouts Springs area. Reopening these roads will allow access for public travel on Forest Service (FS) Road M-5, with certain restrictions. “Although there are routes from M-5 into the Fouts Springs area, these routes are narrow, steep and only designed for OHV and four-wheel drive use,” Janet Flanagan, Acting Grindstone District Ranger, said. “These road conditions, along with snow drifts and high water in crossings will continue to prevent safe access by low clearance passenger vehicles, motor homes and vehicles pulling trailers.” County Road 43 (Fouts Springs Road/ FS M-10) is now open from Stonyford to the junction with FS Road M-5 and slides have been removed from County Road 42. “The Forest Service is particularly concerned about FS Road 17N30 that connects between M-5 and the Fouts Springs area,” Mrs. Flanagan said. “Use of this route for anything other than OHV’s or 4-wheel drive vehicles could pose a safety risk for the public.” The portion of County Road 43 (M-10) from the junction at M-5 to the Fouts Springs area sustained major damage and will not be open until repairs can be made, according to Colusa County officials."
  8. I'm wanting to ride Stonyford Friday but none of my usual riding buddies are able to break away sooo anyone interested? I'd describe myself as an advanced intermediate rider and would like to ride about 45 miles. Mike
  9. Shred

    Feb. 19th - Stonyford 9:00 am.

    We rode Stony yesterday. The trails were great except a little sketchy on ridgetops where there was an inch of snow and frozen ground. Most of the trails (20, 22, 15, 3, 6...) were awesome.
  10. Man, a lot of good info. in a short period of time- thanks guys! Anyone figure out how to keep a wife happy 100% of the time (don't answer that question)? I'll score a trickle charger and the right coolant. BTW my antifreeze tank was filling when the stream happened. The only mod done on this bike is that the pipe has been opened up at the end. I've read things about cutting the grey wire, rejetting and getting rid of the throttle stop but I plan on getting used to the bike first before doing these mods. This sucker is a little more bike than the ol' XR125 I used to race as a kid- Mike
  11. I just purchased my new, pre-owned 2005 WR 450, YEA, and had it idling in the garage to charge the battery. I noticed the header was starting to get red hot...shortly thereafter steam started pouring out of a hose under the engine. I killed the motor and heard antifreeze bubbling and a little whistling noise. I have since looked in my manual and it says not to do an extended idle. Did it just overheat or did I already break my new bike?!!! Thanks and I look forward to participating in this forum in the future. Mike