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    Unadilla Retro National

    MX Sports Pro Racing and Unadilla Reveal Details of August 15th Retro Motocross National MORGANTOWN, W.V. - Unadilla MX and MX Sports Pro Racing are pleased to announce additional information for the upcoming Unadilla Retro Motocross National, round 9 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, which will be held on Saturday, August 15. Gates open for amateur racers on Thursday, August 13 at 12 noon and include a limited schedule of classes for Vintage motorcycles in addition to the normal amateur program. Unadilla MX and MX Sports Pro Racing is also encouraging all of the fans to get into the retro spirit by wearing a piece of vintage motocross clothing over the course of the weekend. The retro celebration kicks-off with Friday's Monster Energy Fan Fest, which begins at 4 p.m. and includes the chance for fans to meet their favorite Unadilla legends as well as many current superstars, including members of GEICO Powersports Honda and Jagermeister KTM. Following Fan Fest, a special outdoor screening of the Motocross Files will be presented, courtesy of the noted producer Todd Huffman. Viewing will take place in the amateur pit area. Headlining the list of activities for race day on Saturday is the inauguration of the Unadilla "Walk of Fame," a special area on site dedicated to the most famous riders who have participated at Unadilla over the past 40 years. The first inductee will be announced during opening ceremonies. Additionally, there will be a special area in the Sponsor Village aptly named the "Retro Village." The Retro Village will be home to a special display of historical Unadilla photographs, courtesy of the Robinson family and famous New England Motocross photographer Paul Buckley. Also hosted in the Retro Village will be a display of Unadilla event posters from the past four decades, as well as a significant display of over 50 vintage motocross bikes. Fans that stop by the Racer X display will be able to pick up a free special commemorative event poster, which is being produced in limited supplies and available on a first come, first serve basis. The poster will serve as a great event souvenir and will feature photographs of many of the Unadilla legends who will be present throughout the weekend. Tying together all of the old school festivities will be a large contingent of past Unadilla legends who will be on hand for bench racing and signing autographs. These Legends and Heroes include Tony D, Jimmy Weinert, Jojo Keller, Jeff Emig, John Dowd, Danny LaPorte, Erik Kehoe, Mike Fisher, Broc Glover, Barry Higgins and many more. Lastly, many of the current superstars and teams are expected to join in the retro spirit with throwback color schemes and graphics. At least one factory team has already confirmed that they will be adorned in special colors. To cap off the stellar event and in the spirit of the old school, fans won't want to miss the special FMF 2-Stroke Invitational that will take place during intermission. Currently, Jimmy Weinert, Danny LaPorte and John Dowd are all slated to compete in the intermission show. For additional information on this event and 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, including purchasing tickets to the event, pleaser log onto www.allisports.com.
  2. lukaitis9

    Raceway Park Photos 8/2/09

    Despite the rain and one moto format we were able to get 300+ images from this weekend. Check them all out at the link below. http://lukaitisphoto.smugmug.com/gallery/9142105_JAU3M/1/609708877_sMpWH
  3. lukaitis9

    Raceway Park 7/18 and 7/19 photos

    Check them out http://lukaitisphoto.smugmug.com/Motocross%202009/739069
  4. lukaitis9

    SAVE $10 @ Raceway Park Practice

    SAVE $10 @ Raceway Park Practice http://01659d2.netsolhost.com/blog1/2009/07/11/save-10-at-raceway-park-practice/
  5. lukaitis9

    Raceway Park MX Photos 6/07/09

    All of my photos from this weekend's race at Raceway Park are posted. Here are a couple of samples for your viewing enjoyment. complete gallery: http://lukaitisphoto.smugmug.com/gallery/8485769_eqh5S/1/558397862_y3NWf Rich Zupko Ronnie Stewart Travis Spader Zack Klaptosky Sal Calamita Dan Bogdan
  6. lukaitis9

    Thunder in the Sand Wildwood Photos

    Complete gallery of photos is posted. Enjoy! http://lukaitisphoto.smugmug.com/gallery/8405723_d8FCi
  7. Thunder Motorsports 05/30/2009 +25A: 1. Wallace Palmer (Ka); 2. Christopher Chomko (Kaw); 3. Tristan Huey (Hon); 4. Ryan Patterson (Ktm); +25B: 1. Patrick Barry (Hon); 2. Steve Weldon (Hon); 3. Frederick Seay, Jr (Hon); 4. Barry Nyul (Kaw); 5. John Fourman (Hon); 125 B: 1. Matthew Grant (Yam); 2. Jt Milne (Hon); 125 C: 1. Cole Gonnella (Yam); 2. Anthony Maladra (Ktm); 3. Robert Vogel (Suz); 4. Joseph Defelice (Hon); 5. Dan Tino (Kaw); 250 A: 1. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 2. Adam Blessing (Suz); 3. Jesse Festenstine (Kaw); 4. Peter Devlin (Suz); 5. John Schneider (Hon); 250 B: 1. Zak Klaptosky (Ka); 2. Thomas Sherby (Hon); 3. James Dzierwinski (Kaw); 4. Zach Tussel (Yam); 5. Todd Gordon (Kaw); 250 C (GROUP 1): 1. Kevin Quigley (Yam); 2. William Gouldner (Kaw); 3. Vincent Cianci (Kaw); 4. Steven Eggert (Yam); 5. Mikey Harrell (Hon); 250 C (GROUP 2): 1. Cole Gonnella (Yam); 2. Randy Handlovsky (Kaw); 3. Devon Grisham (Yam); 4. Mason Foy (Yam); 5. John Fourman (Hon); 250 C (GROUP 3): 1. Eric Osmundsen (Kaw); 2. Dannie Clark (Kaw); 3. Dylan Allen (Hon); 4. Tyler Greenaway (Hon); 5. Charles Meiser (Yam); 250 C (Group 4): 1. Larry Cella (Hon); 2. Chris Kirk (Yam); 3. Anthony Maladra (Ktm); 4. Robert Vogel (Suz); 5. Ross Milloway (Kaw); 30+A: 1. Christopher Chomko (Kaw); 2. Glenn Scherer (Hon); 3. Robert Korchak (Hon); 30+B: 1. Mark Wesnofske (Kaw); 2. Steve Weldon (Hon); 3. Frederick Seay, Jr (Hon); 4. Lonnie Krout (Yam); 5. Michael Myers (Hon); 30+C: 1. Chris Kirk (Yam); 2. John Moore (Hon); 3. Mike Cassel (Suz); 4. Andrew Steinhauer (Hon); 5. Steven Lewis (Hon); 40+: 1. Chris Suydan (Hon); 2. Glenn Scherer (Hon); 3. Charles Thomas, Jr (Yam); 4. Robert Korchak (Hon); 5. Bill Ford (Suz); 450 A: 1. Dakota Kessler (Hon); 2. Anthony Roth (Hon); 3. Ronnie Stewart (Suz); 4. Bobby Jimenez (Hon); 5. Wallace Palmer (Ka); 450 B: 1. Chris Duymich (Hon); 2. Zak Klaptosky (Ka); 3. Todd Gordon (Kaw); 4. Stephen Morelli (Hon); 5. Zach Tussel (Yam); 450 C (Group 1): 1. Tom Rennie (Yam); 2. Vincent Cianci (Ktm); 3. Brice Lloyd (Hon); 4. Trevor Lyons (Yam); 5. Devon Grisham (Yam); 450 C (Group 2): 1. Jarret Babcock (Yam); 2. Saeed Abbuszudeh (Hon); 3. Carmen Simonetti (Kaw); 4. Andrew Perseponko (Ktm); 5. Corey Haugland, Jr (Hon); 450 C (Group 3): 1. Kevin Quigley (Yam); 2. William Thompson (Hon); 3. Jonathon Reggio (Yam); 4. Tommy Sullivan (Suz); 5. Billy Stillwell (Suz); Bike (10-11) 65cc: 1. Sean Knoll (Ktm); 2. Christopher Ford (Ktm); 3. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 4. Nicky Filer (Ktm); 5. Max Amato (Suz); Bike (12-15) 85cc: 1. Michael Pettit (Suz); 2. Hunter Fox (Suz); 3. Matthew Mangine (Kaw); 4. Dashauyn Staten (Suz); 5. Lucas Brzostowski (Hon); Bike (4-6) 50cc oil inj.: 1. Evan Knoll (Ktm); 2. Mckenzie Urban (Yam); Bike (4-6) 50cc stock: 1. Levi Maxwell (Yam); Bike (7-8) 50cc oil inj.: 1. Kyle Suydam (Hon); 2. Chase Eckey (Xtr); Bike (7-8) 50cc Stock: 1. Bryton Carroll (Cob); 2. Tyler Myers (Ktm); 3. Joseph Serrao (Drr); Bike (7-9) 65cc: 1. Anthony Giglio (Cob); 2. Bryton Carroll (Cob); 3. Gage Solis (Suz); 4. Tyler Myers (Ktm); 5. Jacob Hallowell (Kaw); Bike (9-11) 85cc: 1. Anthony Giglio (Cob); 2. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 3. Andrew Warner (Kaw); 4. Austin Buehler (Hon); 5. Daniel Suydam (Kaw); Collegeboy 16-24 GROUP 1: 1. Teddy Paul (Kaw); 2. Eric Osmundsen (Kaw); 3. William Gouldner (Kaw); 4. Mike Dailey (Yam); 5. Tom Rennie (Yam); Collegeboy 16-24 GROUP 2: 1. Chris Duymich (Hon); 2. Zak Klaptosky (Ka); 3. Stephen Morelli (Hon); 4. Saeed Abbuszudeh (Hon); 5. Jarret Babcock (Yam); Jr. MIni 9-13 (no big wheel): 1. Zachary Bassista (Suz); 2. Gage Solis (Suz); 3. Donzi Dambrosa (Suz); 4. Samuel Zuchero (Kaw); 5. Christian Sanchez (Suz); Quad ( 6-8) 50cc prod.: 1. Joseph Serrao (Drr); 2. Daniel Linke (Drr); 3. Dylan Ottman (Drr); 4. Justin Gruber (Pol); 5. Evan Thomas (Suz); Quad (4-6) 50cc prod cvt: 1. Joseph Sweeney (Drr); 2. Jake Zapolski (Drr); Quad (4-6) 50cc stock: 1. Julian Coffing (Drr); 2. Frankie Castellano (Apx); 3. Elishea Reed (Drr); 4. Elijah Reed (Drr); 5. Devon Rodriguez (Drr); Quad (6-11) 70cc prod.: 1. Nathan Patrick (Apx); 2. Joseph Cavaliere (Drr); 3. Dale Raven (Drr); 4. Kyle Fordham (Apx); 5. Daniel Linke (Drr); Quad (8-15) 90cc prod.: 1. Taylor Johnson (Drr); 2. Christina Geiger (Ka); 3. Tyler Avery (Apx); 4. Bradley Roshawski (Apx); 5. Niki Major (Apx); Quad 91-300 (13-15) Group 1: 1. Jake Gray (Yam); 2. Joseph Cummines (Hon); 3. John Mongrandi (Hon); 4. Trevor Davis (Hon); 5. Cody Ley (Yam); Quad 91-300 (13-15) Group 2: 1. Tyler Godshall (Hon); 2. Bren Marra (Cob); 3. Will Marshall (Hon); 4. Tim Rumpp (Yam); 5. Dylan Greene (Apx); Quad A: 1. Patrick Brown (Yam); 2. Donald Lysinger, Jr (Suz); 3. Richard Lindsay (Kaw); 4. Jesse Sheaffer (Suz); 5. Kevin Olson (Hon); Quad B (Group 2): 1. Larry Krowicki (Hon); 2. William Munyon (Hon); 3. Timothy Notarianni (Suz); 4. Dillon Woolley (Suz); 5. Scott Meizinger (Hon); Quad B (Group1): 1. Robert Busa (Suz); 2. Paul Callahan (Suz); 3. David Mcdermott (Hon); 4. John Shull (Hon); 5. Kevin Glueck (Yam); Quad C (Group 1): 1. Justin Carr (Yam); 2. Matthew Shinn (Hon); 3. Jay Hansen (Suz); 4. Kyle Platt (Kaw); 5. Gil Brock, Jr (Suz); Quad C (Group 2): 1. Chris Wittenberger (Yam); 2. Christopher Graham (Yam); 3. Anthony Cozza (Hon); 4. Devin Woolf (Yam); 5. John Bohonyi (Suz); Quad C (Group 3): 1. Steve Lyons (Suz); 2. John Wittenberger (Yam); 3. Justin Warren (Hon); 4. Steve Wallace (Hon); 5. Zach Berghof (Hon); Quad C (Group 4): 1. William Powers (Hon); 2. Jason Burger (Hon); 3. Rudy Danna (Hon); 4. Steven Zalek (Suz); 5. Michael Williams (Hon); Quad C (Group 5): 1. Daniel Pagnini (Hon); 2. Thomas Cummines (Suz); 3. Edward Gillan (Hon); 4. Gary Losasso (Suz); 5. David Germano (Hon); Quad C (Group 6): 1. Bill Patterson (Yam); 2. Nicholas Wyshyvanuk (Hon); 3. Shawn Dorr (Suz); 4. Brian Tait (Hon); 5. Andrew Waegener (Yam) ; Quad C GROUP 7: 1. Richard Perrini (Hon); 2. Anthony Lombardo (Suz); 3. Matthew Carty (Hon); 4. Gary Jackson (Suz); 5. Marcus Roman (Hon); Quad Collegeboy GROUP 1: 1. Larry Krowicki (Hon); 2. David Mcdermott (Hon); 3. Chris Wittenberger (Yam); 4. Jesse Styers (Suz); 5. Scott Meizinger (Hon) Quad Collegeboy GROUP 2: 1. Justin Carr (Yam); 2. Nick Cairoli (Hon); 3. Richard Perrini (Hon); 4. Edward Gillan (Hon); 5. Kenny Watson (Hon); Quad Jr. Mini (6-11) 70cc: 1. Alan Myers (Ecc); 2. David Clark (Cob); 3. Michael Voorhees (Drr); 4. Stephen Rode (Drr); 5. Justin Clark (Apx); Quad sr. mini #2: 1. David Nevrotski (Drr); 2. Dylan Evans (Cob); 3. Michael Deluca (Hon); 4. Anthony Discepola (Yam); 5. Justin Mason (Cob); Quad Sr. Mini (8-15) 90cc #1: 1. Daniel Grace (Hon); 2. Philip Mcgarvey (Hon); 3. Tyler Mead (Yam); 4. Nicholas Bassista (Drr); 5. Kyle Fordham (Apx); Quad Unltd (Group 1): 1. Paul Callahan (Suz); 2. David Mcdermott (Hon); 3. Timothy Notarianni (Suz); 4. Justin Carr (Yam); 5. Tyler Wittje (Suz); Quad Unltd (Group 2): 1. Jason Delpalazzo (Yam); 2. Christopher Clayton (Hon); 3. Fred Landwher, Iii (Hon); 4. Daniel Pagnini (Hon); 5. Daniel Bergholz (Hon); Quad Unltd (Group 3): 1. Robert Busa (Suz); 2. Christopher Graham (Yam); 3. Steve Lyons (Suz); 4. Edward Gillan (Hon); 5. Justin Jamision (Hon); Quad Unltd (Group 4): 1. William Munyon (Hon); 2. Andrew Boho (Yam); 3. Chris Schultz (Hon); 4. Andrew Capps (Yam); 5. Adam Fazzio (Hon); Quad Vet (Group 1): 1. William Munyon (Hon); 2. Timothy Notarianni (Suz); 3. Barry Clark (Hon); 4. Gary Batta (Yam); 5. Ken Clark (Yam); Quad Vet (Group 2): 1. Jason Delpalazzo (Yam); 2. Thomas Cummines (Hon); 3. Gary Cardone (Suz); 4. Mike Munn (Hon); 5. John Wittenberger (Yam); Schoolboy I (12-16 ): 1. Michael Mackeprang (Suz); 2. Anthony Maladra (Ktm); 3. Cole Gonnella (Yam); 4. Mike Detwiler (Yam); 5. Brian Lacinski (Suz); Schoolboy II (14-16): 1. Mark Terpak (Kaw); 2. Brice Lloyd (Hon); 3. Devon Grisham (Yam); 4. Justin Harris (Hon); 5. Evan Barnikow (Suz); Supermini (12-16): 1. Michael Pettit (Suz); 2. Hunter Fox (Suz); 3. Matthew Mangine (Kaw); 4. Lucas Brzostowski (Hon); 5. Dylan Allen (Hon); Womens Bike 12+: 1. Mary Betts (Hon); 2. Caitlyn Sparks (Hon); 3. Alayna Wacker (Hon); Womens Open: 1. Breelynn Griffith (Hon); 2. Kellie Moran (Cob); 3. Madison Alessi (Xtr); 4. Samantha Ross (Yam); 5. Alisha Dipasquale (Yam);
  8. Check out this press release from the crew at Thunder Moto. Coming to the sands of Wildwood, New Jersey this upcoming weekend. The Wildwoods, NJ- The thrill and excitement of motocross comes to the Wildwoods on May 29-31, 2009. The “Spring Thunder in the Sand” consists of AMA-sanctioned Pro-Am motocross races which range from beginner level to professional. All races take place on the pristine Wildwood beach between Schellenger and Spencer Avenues, which happens to be voted the best beach in New Jersey. This is the only time you can camp on beach and have the back drop of the ocean. Fri kicks off with practice 1-4 price $10 with a drag race at 6:30pm class are $30amature and $40 pro Saturday’s race events start at Noon and Sunday’s events start at 10 a.m.$7.00 for spectators, racers check website for sat and sun practice time gates open Thurs at 6:00pm For additional information and ticket prices, visit www.ThunderMoto.com or call 609.523.8051. This event held twice each year is excellent for both spectators and competitors alike. Lukaitis Photo has been on hand for the past several years and will once again be in attendance. Mark this event on you calendar of things to do this weekend.
  9. lukaitis9

    Raceway Park Photos 3/15/09

    All images from Raceway Park's 3/15/09 event are posted and available for purchase in various sizes. Click the link below to go direct to the page. <a href="3/15/09 images" target="_blank">3/15/09 photos</a> As always all photos are keyworded by the riders last name. Click the link below for all Lukaitis Photo Keywords <a href=" " target="_blank">Keywords</a>
  10. Schedule of Events for: North East Classic Round #1 (3/14-15/09) Kawasaki, Suzuki, & Yamaha Contingency Friday 3/13: - Gates will open at 6pm for weekend and will close at 10pm SHARP… - Early sign up for SATURDAY ONLY- approximately 8:30-10pm Friday Night Saturday 3/14- - Gates open 7am and close at 10pm - Sign up from 7 to 9:00am - Practice from 8:30 to 11:00am - Racing from 11am - Early Sunday sign up approximately 8:30-10:00pm Sunday 3/15- North East Classic Round #1 - Gates open 7am - Sign up from 7 to 9:00am - Practice from 8:30 to 11:00am - Racing from 11am Fees- Racers: (Racer fees INCLUDE gate fee... per day) First class $45 Second Class $35 Spectators: Adults: Friday OR Saturday entry- $25 (If leaving Sat night, $10 refund will be issued.) Sunday entry- $15 Children: Friday OR Saturday entry- $10 (If leaving Sat night, $5 refund will be issued.) Sunday admission- $5 Overnight Parking for Weekend: Friday or Saturday Entry $15
  11. lukaitis9

    Big motorcycle rally in Central Jersey on May 2!

    We look forward to having the ride start in our parking lot at Freehold Honda.
  12. Over the years New Jersey has had many motocross tracks. From tracks like Bridgeport and New Egypt to Raceway Park and Atco. Some remain while others are all but forgotten. What racetracks do you remember? How about riding areas that are now the victim of the housing boom in New Jersey. NJ motocross is looking for information on the tracks and riding areas you remember. Photos too! If you have anything that you would like to contribute send it our way. Scott@njmotocross.com Thanks
  13. Or are you one of these guys. Where are they now? We would like to create a year long series of flash backs into the history of NJ motocross and need your help. NJ motocross is looking to get in touch with some of the names of NJ Motocross past. If you know them or are them please contact me at scott@njmotocross.com and let me know what you are doing now. Some of the guys on here I have had a bit of contact with and I will certainly get in touch with you soon. Also if you have any other names from the past feel free to add on. Thanks Terry Tucker Mark Lachowicz Pete Hichens Ronnie Faisst John Driscoll Ed Szulecki Greg Turner Jay Lynch Kevin Rogers Mike Peat Billy Delanzo Ralph Delanzo John Schneider John Sigismondi Vinnie Bondi Gene Gentsch Larry Gentsch Mark Costa Joe DeCosta Tommy Perone Dave Perone Tim McDonough Todd Vogler Eddie Bao Sean Ottaly Bob Burfield Mike Clayton Phil Carlin John Straubinger Chris Hunter Steve Hunter Tony Watkins Brad Peterson Dave Thierry Chris Brynildsen Scott Monty Attuti Stout Brian Behrmann Steve Brown Rich Carrino Art Downs Chuck Weinberg Ed Brazina Scott Brazina Mike Farmer Tony Duboski John Thompson Mike Moore
  14. lukaitis9

    NJ Motocross Rider of the Year

    Vote for your choice of NJ Rider of the year at www.njmotocross.com or www.njmotocross.blogspot.com Thanks
  15. I'm starting to work on my winter project for NJ Motocross.com I plan on scanning old results and photos for all the world to see in the pages of NJMotocross.com If anyone has old issues of Raceway News laying around that they want to donate to the cause I would certainly appreciate it. If you have copies that you want to lend for me to scan I would appreciate that as well. Contact scott@njmotocross.com to help the cause.