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  1. aj122

    Do you sticker your bike ?

    Only the TT sticker on the swingarm
  2. aj122

    POLL: number of street tards?

    Here in Nor*Cal Supermotos are more common I guess. On any given weekend I'll see a couple other SM riders in full leathers heading toward the twisties. We are still greatly out numbered by race replicas and cruisers so I still get the &%$#@! look at stop lights. My DRZ-E is blacked out, loud as f@wk, running naked, and the rider always has a smile from ear to ear.
  3. aj122

    sm tire help

    How does the Conti SM wear with street riding and does it heat up fast?
  4. aj122

    sm tire help

    I'm running Avon Distanzia Supermotos. These are supermoto specific tires so they are lighter than standard street tires and heat they heat up fast. The ride is surprisingly smooth from what I expected looking at the tread pattern. I'm running them on the street now and they feel fine even in light wet conditions we've had here in Cali. I've heard nothing but good about the Power Pilots but I want to try the Continental ContiforceSm just for something different when its time to change out the Avons.
  5. aj122

    Exhaust Header glowing Red Hot! Normal??

    /\ mount up and go ride.
  6. aj122

    drz400sm vs xr650l

    I was in the same spot a few months back and I did ride both bikes before buying settling on one. The XR650l has more HP and its a heavy bike which on paper makes it a good street bike. I then tried the DRZ its much lighter and down on HP but what a blast to ride. Its like a mountain bike with a motor where the XR650l felt more like a tank. Both bikes will be a good choice but I ride mostly street in city, twisty, very little freeway so the DRZ fit my needs the best. Good luck on the new toy.
  7. aj122

    Cyra handguards

    + 1 for mounting on the triple clamp. My set up is mounted to my Applied Triple clamp / Answer Pro Taper Bar combo and you will need longer bolts. BTW my DRZ-E is in SM trim so I went with the endro shields to cut down on the plow effect for daily street use, check it out in my garage.
  8. aj122

    New Headlight (Pics)

    Looks good.
  9. Where did you fellas get your setup? I have the part numbers from the other post but don't have a local KTM dealer. Is there a online site or cross ref numbers for aftermarket bits so I can order online? Thx
  10. aj122

    What color is yours?

    00 DRZ400 e in SM trim Acerbis and IMS black.
  11. aj122

    trade SM for R1??

    +2 My R6 has only been fired up to keep the battiery fresh and I'll be putting her up for sale in spring.
  12. aj122

    plated my e, need wiring advice

    Glad it helped, just wanted to give back to an awesome forum!
  13. aj122

    Makita Suzuki '06 bikes

    Here is one I took from the Internation Motorcycle Show last month
  14. aj122

    plated my e, need wiring advice

    I picked up my 2 post heavy duty flasher and standard bosch type 4 post relay at my local auto parts store. Then I bought wire from radio shack to made my own harness. Good luck. I'll try to set up a garage profile with pics of the completed setup over the weekend. BTW this is what I ended up with.
  15. aj122

    Kickstand length for conveted SM

    Awsome my welding skills suck and I plan on switching back to dirt wheels a couple times a year. Thanks for sharing your idea and diagram.