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  1. tax title and liscense. if i buy out of state im still supposed to come back to la and pay those things but i never have. my friends say that the state will catch up with you some kind of way but i never heard from them 3 bikes later
  2. ok i call bs on everyone why do you post otd prices when you dont include ttl
  3. *** my dealer just told me 7850 plus ttl thats 8700otd who has the best deal on the gulf coast??
  4. any thoughts on rg3?
  5. buying new clamp set but dont know which to go with any suggestions?
  6. i asked does it have to be a crf. you said why wouldnt it. i came up with some bs about how crf are so good thats why you cant find one for 4k maybe you should start looking for a cheaper bike i heard yamahas are cheap
  7. i have stock front and rears from a 06 250
  8. because a crf is just the best bike out there they hold their value shit i dont know i have a crf this guy is the one trying to find a bike
  9. game over
  10. does it have to be crf?
  11. someone could offer me 6500 for it today and i wouldnt let it go. dont want to sell it but if someone is dumb enough to buy it for 7k ill sell it thats what i have into it
  12. one industries graphics and seat cover black pro wheels excel red nipples powdercoated spokes by east coast wheels powdercoated stock hubs akrapovic exhaust carb sent to tokyo mods works rad braces carbon works frame guards and skid plate wave rotors frt and rear
  13. check out post 8 on here it looks powdercoated to me http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=477765
  14. buy mine 7k