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    you name it...ive done it...no jumping out of perfectly good aircraft though...
  1. Interesting that the 2004 graphics on the tank don't match mine....the xr is silver on my 04...ill post a pic when I dig it out, great find, that thing has very few hours, judging by the wear on the cases...very nice enjoy!
  2. Check for an air leak on the intake boot at the head and also at the carb, you can do this by spraying some starting fluid (just a little) near the carb, with the bike running at idle, keeping it away from the air box, idea being that if you have a leak it will change the idle right away, you said it was running fine, so i'm guessing its something simple, also check the little screws that hold the choke plate to the side of the carb, they get loose and leak air as well. Good luck and let us know what you find.
  3. JD, don't let the guy bum you out, in my time as a factory guy for Honda pits in mexico and the US.... we have seen it all, the bike is easy to fix and once done right, it will last you forever... don't think for a minute that you cant ride an xr400 ( with the proper jetting and correct oil) across a dry lake in Baja for a hundred miles at FFWO....not a problem at all. lol.. San Felipe here I come!!!!.....team Honda out....
  4. close....but no...13qt plus 2 in the filter.it also holds almost 80 gal of diesel....and my 04 400....FIRST! learn how to COMPLETELY drain the oil from the bike, I cant stress this enough...know how much and how to get it all out, then... run the gn4 or the rotella 20/50 or any other good oil that meets spec, and change the filter every time, ...it will run forever. Honda pit out....
  5. You should see how much rotella my E350 van holds....7.3 liter Diesel....anyone care to guess?
  6. Get 2 scales, put the front tire on one and the back tire on the other....do this with both bikes....tell us what you find. Have you ever ridden in the sand?
  7. I used my XR to layout and ribbon a killer 30+ mile loop for our desert scrambles in 2 weeks....it was perfect. come on out... http://www.district37ama.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=30479&d=1409087562
  8. You can use a short piece of hose to keep the oil from getting all over, slide it over the engine casting that the main oil bolt screws into, then slide the socket into the hose and remove the bolt, the oil will drain out into what ever you like.
  9. if you can...for real right.?...push it through by hand, then the decomp is engaged/not adjusted correctly....or...wait for it...the spark plug is missing?....J/K..., try taking the cable off of the decomp lever on the head and make sure it is all the way back, then find TDC with your hand, if you can then it's not the cable..start there and tell us what you find.
  10. I can guarantee that this will fix it....trust me. http://www.fasstco.com/product-category/flexx-handlebars
  11. The best way to do this whole thing has nothing to do with the dipstick. It has everything to do with knowing how much oil the bike holds, and how to correctly DRAIN all of it out. Then there is no checking anything with a dipstick.... But if you must use it then, the post above is correct, warm the bike up ride it for 5-10 mins then stop and pull the stick right away, clean and slide it in to the threads and then have a look.
  12. absolutely get that one, the real 86 side cover is one piece, which means a clutch job is a real pain, 2 piece set is the only way to go, I just wish I had see this before I restored my 86...ran it this weekend, forgot how much fun the old 2 smokers are...
  13. My 86
  14. Sounds like a leak, too much air..... as in check the seal on the intake, and on the carb. Also make sure the choke lever's detent plate screw is tight, of course the guy could have messed up during cleaning, but start simple and you'll find it. It is a common issue. Good luck and let us know what you find!
  15. Just start soaking it in the morning, and by the time you need to do anything to the engine/swingarm, your kids will have no problem getting it loose. And change the oil now...and the filter too. Read about it before you start. Its easy, but also easy to get it wrong. You have one of, if not the most bulletproof bikes ever built. Welcome.