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    Skiing, sporting clay shooting, fishing, racquetball, and riding the dirt bike
  1. Dizman

    Valley Dirt Riders (VDR-MX) Closing!

    Started riding up there in 2001 with one of my buddies coming out of MX retirement. We had a lot of great times riding up there, just for fun/practice, and also in the Hare Scramble races since 2003. Not sure how many races over the years, but probably north of 70, in all kinds of conditions. We still talk about the epic mud fests, the ice races, the dust races, and the crashes - some minor tip-overs, and some really bad get-offs. You find that riding buddies are not only fun to ride/race with, share stories, but they can also be good to have around to pick up your pieces and drive you to the Emergency Room on occasion. Got to know all the VDR owners and staff well, and it's enough to say that they are just good people. Closing the track is a business decision, and I understand that as most others probably do too. It's been a good run and I appreciate all the years VDR provided a wonderful facility for some great riding/racing experience. Going to miss the place in the future, but will always have the memories.
  2. Last race of the series on Sunday. Who's in?
  3. Dizman

    VDR Harescramble 12/7/2014

    That's great news Jeff, glad to hear it. Will look forward to seeing you out at future races. Let's hope for some warmer weather, and good dirt.
  4. Dizman

    VDR Hare Scramble Race #2

    Yeah, not many posters, hope that's not a sign of a low turnout. It may be a little dusty on Sunday, but I'll take that any day over a cold mud fest.
  5. Looks like some great fall weather for racing this weekend. Who's in this Sunday?
  6. Dizman

    VDR's 1st Hare Scramble Sept 21st

    Nope, doesn't matter how/when you choose to switch riders, just honor the requirement that only one bike/rider be on the course at any one time.
  7. Dizman

    VDR's 1st Hare Scramble Sept 21st

    You can switch off sharing one bike, or each can have your own bike. You can alternate however you want of your choosing. All in the Team class start in the same row, sometimes sharing the row with other classes.
  8. Dizman

    VDR's 1st Hare Scramble Sept 21st

    And really dusty too. I'm still coughing up mud balls from all the poof berms.
  9. Dizman

    VDR's 1st Hare Scramble Sept 21st

    There's no parade lap, or practice allowed on the actual course beforehand. To practice you may want to go out and ride the MX track and out back west trails in the days before race day to get a feel for the terrain. For the race they link the main MX track and the out back trails to get about a 6.5 mile lap, and for the race just try and get as many laps as possible in the 2 hr ride period for the bikes. On race day I would suggest getting there by 9:00 to register and gear up for the 10:30 start time. It's a fun race, just pace yourself and ride within your ability.
  10. First race is coming up soon. Who's in?
  11. Dizman

    VDR Hare scramble series

    VDR has recently posted the 2014-2015 hare scramble schedule on their website: www.vdrmx.com First race is Sept. 21, 2014
  12. Dizman

    Who knows how to adjust valves?

    Um.. could you clarify what you mean when you say "no one will touch out due to the she of it"? Are you asking about adjusting the valve clearances between the valve lifter cap and the cam? You may want to give ProMotorsports a ring, they have done some good service work for me in the past and I'm sure they can deal with any valve issue you have. They are located on the I-70 frontage road just west of Sheridan.
  13. Bike and gear are ready, will be there. The conditions could be really good for this last race of the series. Good luck to all, and keep the dirty side down.
  14. Dizman

    Quick Berthoud Valley dirt riders question

    Does VDR still prep the track on Thursdays now that we are in daylights saving time?
  15. Dizman

    VDR Scramble march 9

    Oh man I LOL when I read that, only because I can relate - been there done that with the throttle and grip glue many years ago. Nowadays I always carefully glue a penny onto the end of the throttle tube before putting on a grip. Anyways, sorry to hear you had all those troubles and hope that you had a good time at the race anyway.